'Golden Girls' Face Masks Are Officially a Thing

betty white face mask
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Despite making its debut in the '80s, the sitcom The Golden Girls has endured for generations. Watching four best friends find fun, life, and love after everything from grown children to divorce and spousal loss can be like a salve to weary mind. And as we are in the weariest of times, it's nice to know these forever gal pals are here for us like the true friends they are. 

  • While we won't be throwing a party anytime soon, we WILL be rocking this unabashed, delightful face masks. 

    Available in eight different Golden Girl styles, these face masks are only $14.99 each and come with three insertable filters. You can also buy multiple mask and filter combos if you feel you need more than one of the bad girls in your life. 

    (Spoiler: You do)

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  • Out of the eight styles, there are three group ones to choose from. 

    Beautiful Peace Shop

    Each one features quirky illustrations of the gang and are filled with fun colors and their classic character expressions. 

  • There are also individual characters to flaunt. 

    Beautiful Peace Shop masks
    Beautiful Peace Shop

    Sophia (Estelle Getty), Dorothy (Bea Arthur), Blanche (Rue McClanahan), and Rose (Betty White) each have their own quirky mask. And if you're feeling extra socially distant lately, make it a little fun by getting each of your girls one while taking some comfort they are also looking as silly in public as you are. 

  • Times are tough, remember to do quirky things that will make you smile. 

    Beautiful Peace Shop

    I know if I saw one of these out in the wild, it'd make my whole day! 

    Enjoy rocking your favorite Golden Girl look, you'll be the talk of the grocery store.