17 Hilarious Tweets About Getting Dressed While Sheltering at Home

17 Hilarious Tweets About Getting Dressed While Sheltering at Home
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mom wearing pjs working while kids in pjs are jumping on the bed

We’re entering into week eleven hundred of isolation, thanks to this worldwide health crisis, and so much has changed. Kids are around us all the time, some of us are baking bread instead of looking over spreadsheets, and working from home while trying to homeschool kids has taken over. We’ve changed how we eat since we can only go to the store once a week, and we’re lucky if we can find everything on our list.

The way we’re getting dressed has changed, too. In some part it’s because many of us are working from home and we’ve realized just how overrated pants are. Others are stressed and taking some comfort in indulgent foods. It doesn’t matter the reason, getting dressed while staying home all day has changed us and thanks to Twitter, we’ve got an inside look at just how much getting dressed is different now.

  • Pajamas All Day


    Usually, if we want to stay in our pajamas all day, we have to be sick, under the weather, and planning to do nothing but stay in bed. This is true for us and our kids, except that rule goes out the window during these crazy times. Pajamas are the new designer must-have fashion statement.

  • Getting Dressed, or Not, in Stages


    We all started the isolation in our pajamas or loungewear. Getting dressed or putting on pants was something we didn’t have to do because we were no longer going to the office. Weeks later, we’ve realized that all that bread baking and cooking making while in our loungewear means we didn’t catch that our pants don’t fit and the final stage is shopping online for new clothes.

  • Got To Get Creative


    What’s that saying? If the shoe doesn’t fit, make a new one? Not sure if that’s how it goes but what we do know is that people are getting creative with getting dressed while in isolation. Using and reusing materials from around the house might be the next big thing in fashion?

  • How About a Blanket?


    Who needs jeans and a sweater for spring? Not kids. While they’re home from school, they get away with two blankets and clips to hold them up. Getting creative and comfortable are the new things and we should all just embrace them.

  • Shoes? What Are Those?


    Seriously, when was the last time we put shoes on our feet? If we’re not able to work from the office or send the kids off to school, or go off to the grocery store because we’re craving chocolate, what’s the point of wearing our shoes? 

  • Working With What We Have


    OK, so maybe it’s bloat or maybe it’s too much homemade bread, but for many people, their pants are feeling tight and that’s where women’s ingenuity comes in. Digging into the back of the closet for our old maternity clothes -- problem solved!

  • Why Are You Wearing Jeans?


    Remember when we said loungewear is the uniform of these times? Then why are there people out here wearing jeans? They’re not nearly as comfortable as other pants, and should be the last thing we’re all trying to squeeze into, OK?

  • When We Try Them, We’ll Be Sad


    If for some reason we do get the urge to put jeans on -- maybe, we want to feel normal again and it’s the time of the week to go shopping. Just brace for the first time putting them on because they’re likely not going to fit the same, and that’s OK.

  • Seem Normal?


    It’s better to go with the flow when it comes to trying to convince our kids to put anything on other than their pajamas. Once we got a few weeks into this, we realized that pajamas are the new day clothes and it’s just better to accept it.

  • Rotating Our Wardrobe


    Sheltering at home has felt like 50 days -- if it hasn’t been already. And we’ve been getting the most out of our three favorite pants, of course. They’re comfortable and at least we’re rotating them and not just wearing the same pair over and over.

  • Hey, Stop Showing Off


    There is no question that the isolation look is supposed to be low-key. No makeup, roots growing out, and no manicure. If anyone is going outside looking their best, it’s going to stand out even more.

  • Nowhere To Go, So Why?


    Some people shop when they’re stressed, and we can only shop online right now -- and clothing is something that’s easy to shop online for. But honestly, what’s the plan with the outfits -- where are we going to go?

  • Dressing for Myself


    OK, yes, that was a lie. Dressing for ourselves really means being comfortable and happy with ourselves with gray roots and no eyelash extensions.

  • Not Even Meaning to Right Now


    We’ve been in our pajamas so long that when the time comes to leave the house and go to the store, we forget. We forget to put real clothes on and yet don’t bat an eye at the fact that other people are in their pajamas, too.

  • Choose Your Character


    We are all doing what we can to get through this and the activity that we hold on to dictates how we’re dressed during this thing. If exercising is what keeps someone sane, they’re more likely to be dressed differently than the person who is living on home-baked bread.

  • What Does That Mean?


    Being stuck with the same people can take a toll on us all. We’re all trying to work from home and keep our kids on track with their schoolwork. It makes even the best of us do strange things and chances are we’ve both weirded out our partners and been weirded out by them as well.

  • How Did We Do It?


    Remember that feeling of coming at home after a long day at work and taking our bra off? Yeah, it’s hard to remember that because when was the last time we had to do that? How did we do that? Will things ever be the same?

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