Husband of 10 Years Gives Wife Ultimatum: Get Another Tattoo & We’re Finished



In every marriage there are dealbreakers. Sometimes it's infidelity, and sometimes it's finances. Heck -- sometimes it's even the pressure of raising kids. But was one husband in the wrong for telling his wife he would leave her if she got a new tattoo? That's what the mom was wondering when she wrote in to Mumsnet looking for advice.

  • The wife explained that they've been together for 10 years.

    They already share a 3-year-old, the Original Poster (OP) wrote in her post, and she came into the marriage with a handful of tattoos already. She had three tattoos on her wrist and ankle when they exchanged their vows.

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  • Now she wants to add some new ink to her collection.

    When she told her husband, however, he flipped.

    "He went crazy at saying he would leave if I got another one," she wrote. "He said that they disgust him and that he wouldn’t be able to look at me if I got one."

  • The problem was that the OP already had her heart set on a design.

    She knew that she wanted roses on her forearm, "a stop clock, and my daughters name and birth date."

  • She really wants the tattoo.

    But isn't sure if it's worth risking her marriage.

    "I don’t know what to do," she wrote. "Please help."

  • Most people agreed -- the mama can do whatever she wants with her own body.

    "I'd get the tattoo and ditch the husband," one commenter wrote. "Your body, your choice. Why did he marry you if they disgust him?"

    "I am not keen on lower arm tattoos at all. However, you should do what you want," a second person conceded. "If he leaves then your marriage was on very shaky ground anyway. He is not the boss of you."

    A third person thought there was a deeper meaning to the ultimatum. 

    "If he would leave you over a tattoo I would (sorry) question his love for you," the commenter wrote. "Your body, your choice. In all things. And he should respect that. Odd that he married you, had a child with you despite tattoos, and is now saying will leave you if you get a new one. Something else going on here??"

  • On the other hand, people thought she should heed her husband's advice.

    "Your body, your choice indeed but his choice if he wants to stay married to you if you do," one commenter wrote.

    "It's your body and your choice," a second person agreed. "It's also his choice to dislike it enough to not want to be with you any longer."

    A third person put it bluntly: "Sounds really tacky."

    In the end, the OP has every right to do with her body as she pleases, but she may want to get her husband on the same page with her before she makes anything permanent.