Fashion Don'ts: Share Your Style Snafu

fashion don'ts

Not me, but wow what a don't!

There are two specific instances when I know I am a fashion don't. One is when I look back at photos and say what was I thinking? The other is when I am mid-way through the day, have a look in the mirror, and think I am never wearing this again.

There were times in the 80s when I had a lot of don'ts. I remember a sweatshirt I used to wear that had a printed teddy bear dressed up like Bruce Springsteen on it with the words "Born in the USA." And for the latter part of the 80s, my hair was huge...I mean massive, Aqua Net, over three-inches high huge. Kind of like this lady...yikes!


I've had many other style snafus -- there have been times I left the house thinking I looked all cute, but then realized that my outfit was way wrong for my figure or that a print just was too busy with colors that weren't flattering for me.

CafeMom lauras1 encouraged readers to post fashion don'ts in the Stay At Home Mom Group (private, must be a member). She started it off with a photo of a lady wearing her puppy in a sling. OK, we know about baby wearing, but dog wearing?

With over 2000 replies, this post has everything from socks with sandals to a dress made out of garbage bags.

So I told you, now you share. What has been your worst fashion don't?


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