17 Tattoo Ideas for Proud Boy Moms

17 Tattoo Ideas for Proud Boy Moms

boy mom tattoo

We don't get to pick which children we get -- not that we'd ever trade our babies! -- and for some of us, the boy mom life has chosen us. It's definitely something that comes with a lot of responsibility, raising our boys to grow up to be good men, and there's so much fun that comes along with it, too. Some boys are into sports and running around and getting dirty, others are more into art and music, and some are into a mixture of all of these things. Either way, raising these boys can be a seriously magical experience that leaves a mark on us as mothers forever. And for many of us, that also means wanting to get a new tattoo to commemorate this journey. 

There are so many awesome ideas out there -- from tattoos that include baby's footprint and special details from his first moments of life to even representing the love between a mother and a son with Disney characters and animals. 

Thinking of getting new ink to symbolize this time in life of motherhood and raising sons? Fortunately, it's a popular idea, which means there are a lot of tattoo ideas out there for anyone who's looking for a little inspiration for this kind of addition to their collection. 

Being a boy mom is unlike anything else, so why not celebrate it in this way? There's no doubt that, whatever you choose, it'll be a meaningful tattoo -- and even better than that, it'll be something that makes your son feel special, too. 

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