17 Creative Tattoo Ideas For Twin Moms

17 Creative Tattoo Ideas For Twin Moms
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For those of us who seriously love commemorating big moments in our lives with new tattoos, bringing a new child into the world most certainly means getting new ink to symbolize that time in our lives on our bodies forever. There are so many great tattoo ideas out there for parents, but what about moms of twins? There's something that's a little more challenging about raising twins (especially when they're babies), so why not celebrate that major accomplishment with a tattoo? And fortunately, there are tons of ideas out there for any mom who wants to represent her twins in a cute, super artsy (and permanent) way.

After all, babies turn into kids, and eventually, kids turn into grown-ups -- it's just the way the world works. But with these tattoos, it's easy to capture the twins as they are right now forever, whether they're still babies or full blown big kids.

Here are some tattoo ideas that are perfect for mothers of twins. We love the fact that these moms have chosen to celebrate their kids with so many tattoos that are all so different but so beautiful at the same time. Whether the mom in question is looking for something similar and minimalist, or something colorful or elaborate, there are a lot of options here that should help get that imagination flowing -- and they can all be personalized to fit the twins in question. 

Happy tattooing! 

  • Side By Side


    Wanting to represent mom and both twins, all in the same tattoo? This one makes it possible -- and it's also the kind of tattoo that makes a statement. Of course, it's totally possible to nix the extra detail, but it looks nice with the splash of colors from the flowers (and the children's names added in there, too).

  • Mama Bear & Baby Bears 


    This kind of tattoo would work for any mom who has two kids, but it'd be easy enough to denote that this is specifically to represent twins by color and making the baby bears the exact same size, if that's what mama wants! It's a sweet, small symbol of the relationship that exists between a mother and kids, especially if they happen to be twins.

  • Connected Names 


    Looking for a way to represent the names of twin kiddos? This tattoo is a perfect idea for something simple and sweet (and even a little feminine). The positioning of this kind of tattoo would look good anywhere on the body, and the way the script loops and connects with a heart in the middle is just too sweet.

  • A Mom & Her Babies


    This tattoo is elaborate enough to make an impact, but still simple enough that it could work for any mama, no matter what she's looking for. It's sweet to see this outline of a mom kissing her twins, and adding the red hearts is super cute (and a nice pop of color, too). Adding the names in is optional, depending on the kind of look mama wants.

  • Minimalist Twin Mom


    Simple, small tattoos are becoming more and more popular lately, and this one definitely falls into that category. These two figures are connected, and the symbolism is obvious -- and it would be easy to add in a third figure if the mom wants to represent both herself and her twins. No matter what, it would be too cute.

  • Just the Three of Them


    This tattoo has a minimalist core, but with just a little more detail. The design shows a mom and her twins in a heart shape, which is sweet enough, but adding the flowers is a really cute touch. Best of all, this kind of tattoo could easily be customized, depending on the color and kind of flowers added on.

  • Mother & Babies


    Anyone who's into the watercolor trend when it comes to tattoos is going to love this one -- as they should, because this design is too pretty! The outline of the mother smooching her twins is super cute, but so are the flowing colors around her, and adding her babies' names was a nice touch. It'd be easy to change this one up (and the colors), too. 

  • Mama & Baby Birds


    Not a fan of the mama bear and baby bears tattoo? This animal variety might work out a bit better. Seeing this mama bird sitting with her baby birds on a wire is too cute -- and the best part is that if twins aren't the only kiddos in the family, it's easy to add more to it as the fam continues to grow. Too cute! 

  • Birds With Hearts


    Love the bird idea, but not totally in love with the previous design? Maybe this one will work a little better. It's a cute twist on the tattoo above, but with a few extra details, like the heart at the end of the vine the birds all are perched on. And the hearts on each bird done in white ink? It's a pretty cute touch, too -- white ink always adds such a distinctive detail to tattoos.

  • On a Swing


    This one is perfect for moms of twin girls, but any tattoo artist should be able to change this one up for moms who love this idea but have boys -- or a boy and a girl, at that. As it is, it's super cute, and it would be so easy to customize what everyone's wearing (and their hairstyles) to fit any family. 

  • All Cuddled Up 


    Looking for a tattoo that pays tribute to twins when they're still babies? There's nothing like that stage of life when mom and babies are still learning each other and they're new to the world, and this tattoo can help freeze that moment in time forever. It's a simple, adorable illustration, filled with lots of love.

  • Tiny Footprints


    There's nothing like those first footprints taken the first day our babies are born -- after a few months, it's hard to believe they were ever that small! This is a good way to keep those tiny footprints forever, and at the same time, putting them together with the names and birthdays of the twins (and in a heart shape, at that). 

  • Hanging by the Moon


    Moms of rambunctious, crazy twins? This tattoo might be the perfect way to represent them -- especially if they're known for keeping everyone up at night! This illustration of two kids hanging upside down on a crescent moon is super cute, and also easily customizable with all the little details that are included.

  • One Busy Family


    Who knew that a group of stick figure children could look so cute -- or represent a crazy household so well? This tattoo represents a big family, but it could be easily changed to show off twins and their personalities, too -- and the line work (and red and black colors) makes this look like a doodle done on a piece of paper.

  • Lots of Hugs


    This tattoo is truly beautiful -- and with all the details and colors, it's certainly an eye-catching piece. This mom is simply hugging her kids, which is always a precious moment ... and she has long, flowing, gorgeous hair, with lots of flowers in it. This is gorgeous, and it would be totally easy to change things up with colors, too.

  • Hand in Hand


    This is a truly simple design -- which a lot of people love when it comes to tattoos -- but it also happens to say so much at the same time. This tattoo shows the outline of a mother holding hands with both of her children, who could easily be twins, and the colors are so beautiful at the same time.

  • Hugs, Hugs, Hugs


    Looking for a tattoo that shows off twins and isn't necessarily focused on mom? This one might be a good choice, especially for people who are loving this doodle style of tattoos, much like the stick figure kiddos. Here, these twin girls are hugging ... but it would be so easy to change it up to fit any kid's personality.

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