17 Stunning Tattoos Inspired by Greek Mythology

Deborah Cruz | Feb 26, 2020 Beauty & Style
17 Stunning Tattoos Inspired by Greek Mythology
Image: iStock


When thinking of Greek mythology, the first thing that comes to mind is epic tales of love, war, and woe. Greek mythology has always been a device used to explain how the world came to be and how it works. It provided an explanation where none could be found. It explained the unexplainable.

This is why so many people get Greek mythology figures, gods and goddesses, tattooed on their bodies. Each tattoo represents another magical tale of overcoming all that life has to throw at mankind. The deeper story behind each seemingly normal event gives us hope and inspiration. There are signs and symbols within each myth and a hero just waiting to be unearthed. 

Whether it's a sleeve of an entire Greek tragedy or the face of Medusa tattooed on a bicep, these regal and tasteful tattoos will surely bring people together to discuss the stories behind the myths.  

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