20 Shamrock Tattoos for Showing Off That Irish Pride

20 Shamrock Tattoos for Showing Off That Irish Pride

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Now that St. Patrick's Day is coming up, a lot of people are getting ready to celebrate their Irish heritage (or their love of all things green -- or both). For those of us who truly love the holiday or find some meaning in it, and especially for those of us who wear those "Kiss Me, I'm Irish" T-shirts because we actually are Irish, there's a lot to celebrate. This time of year, that might mean considering getting a shamrock tattoo to spread the love in a very permanent way.

Figuring out what kind of tattoo to get is a complicated process -- after all, the design that's chosen is one that we'll have to live with for the rest of our lives. When getting a shamrock tattoo to celebrate Ireland, there are a lot of options, including ones that might also include a way to represent a family name or other Irish traditions. 

Looking for some tattoo inspiration this St. Patrick's Day? Read on for some of the most unusual, interesting, and beautiful shamrock tattoos out there that just might help anyone in the market for some new ink this March. There's a lot to love about an adorable four-leaf clover, and so many ways to express that art via a new tattoo. 

  • A Little Extra 


    In this tattoo, the basic shamrock look was taken to the next level by incorporating another symbol that's important in Irish culture: the Celtic knot. The shamrock itself might be small, but it's surrounded by a Celtic heart knot that turns this tattoo into a much bigger (and even more meaningful) piece of ink. So pretty!

  • Watercolor Shamrock


    This shamrock tattoo makes use of the relatively new but still very popular watercolor trend, taking a more traditional idea for ink and making it into something unique. Fans of shamrocks and the watercolor trend might want to consider something like this. The extra sketch lines and details in the tattoo are also really unusual. 

  • On the Vine


    Speaking of unique, that's definitely a word that can be used to describe this particular shamrock tattoo. This one works both shamrocks and Celtic knots into the design in an unusual way, showing off the shamrocks straight on the vine with a few floral details. And let's not forget that tiny shamrock above it all, which could be a totally different tattoo all on its own.

  • All Hail the Shamrock Queen 


    Looking for a little something that represents royalty and Ireland at the same time? Why not add a crown to the typical shamrock design? It looks pretty cute, and it helps that the lines and the design of this tattoo are so crisp and neat with bright colors. The shading on that shamrock? Definitely makes the whole cartoon-like style come together.

  • The Tiniest Shamrock


    For those of us who are into super minimal tattoo looks but still want to express our heritage or what we love, this shamrock tattoo is perfect. It's a tiny tattoo, but it still makes an impact, especially because the lines and details are all so clean, which can be truly hard to achieve on a tattoo that's this small. The placement on the wrist is also a super cute idea.

  • A Celtic Shamrock


    Another knot and shamrock combo, this time, done in a totally different way. It's pretty cool that the Celtic knot is in the shape of a shamrock itself (and done in this really pretty green color), making it a bit different from the other shamrock-themed tattoos we've seen. It's a pretty big piece, but even if it was smaller, it would still look really cool, whether the person getting inked was a man or a woman.

  • Elephants & a Shamrock 


    Looking for a way to represent a familial relationship and a close connection to Ireland and/or being Irish at the same time? This tattoo might be a great way to do it. Here, a mother and a baby elephant are linked, with the mother's trunk turning into a shamrock. This is a very sweet way to symbolize the bond between a mother and a child -- and a little Irish luck.

  • Lucky 13


    Shamrocks are said to be lucky, and so is the number 13, so why not combine the two into one cohesive tattoo? Of course, these tattoos are both done on the same person on both of their legs, but either one or both would definitely serve as some pretty solid inspiration for combining shamrocks and a lucky number all in one, with color or without.

  • Multiple Shamrocks


    Why get just one shamrock tattoo when a cluster of them look so good? This tattoo combines several shamrocks of different sizes into one big design, with similar shading and coloring. It just goes to show how the same concept of a tattoo can be individualized in so many different ways, and when it all comes together, it can have quite an impact.

  • A Wet Shamrock


    This shamrock is more realistic than the other tattoos we've seen, and that makes it unique. The lines and the shading make this such a gorgeous tattoo, and then, there's also the droplet of water that's added that really makes this particular tattoo stand out among the many other shamrock tattoos that exist.

  • A Shamrock Afoot 


    This location is a pretty popular one when it comes to tattoos, and it's easy to see why -- it's really cute, especially for something that can look so good even when it's small. This shamrock is also done in a more realistic style, along with a curly vine at the end to top it off. It's a pretty small piece but still packs a decent punch, especially with that bright green color! 

  • Behind the Ear


    There are so many ways to take one concept and personalize it, and this particular shamrock tattoo is a great example of that. Although it definitely looks like it might have been a bit painful, it's so pretty that it was obviously worth it! The shamrock itself is the centerpiece of the design, of course, but the swirling designs (and the white ink) add so much to the tattoo overall.

  • A New Direction


    This is a pretty cool compass design -- seeing the gray and black shading together with the white outlines in all directions looks so good -- and at the center of it is, of course, a shamrock, which is done in a cartoonish style but still makes good use of even more of that striking white ink. It's hard to say exactly what this represents without hearing it from the person who got the tattoo, but it's definitely cool.

  • A Shamrock Bouquet 


    Why settle for just one shamrock when a tattoo featuring an entire bouquet of them is possible? Here, so many shamrocks come together for one complete design, and we love the way it works so well. Whether the person looking to get tatted is representing their Irish heritage or just really, really loves four-leaf clovers, this is a unique (and feminine) design to consider.

  • All the Swirls 


    Looking for another foot tattoo inspiration? This one features a pretty neat design. With one medium-sized, brightly colored and shaded shamrock in the center, the swirls around it take up most of the foot. For those looking for something a bit smaller, this design could definitely be downsized to take up less real estate without compromising on the design itself.

  • A Huge Impact 


    There's something so striking about the way a fresh new tattoo looks with those bright, crisp colors, and this one definitely qualifies in that category. Here's another swirls and shamrocks combination, this time done in a huge, eye-catching piece that takes up most of a shoulder. For those who want to celebrate their love of Ireland in a big way, this tattoo ought to do it.

  • Have Shamrock, Will Travel


    Looking to combine a love of travel with a love of all things Irish? This tattoo might be a good option to consider. The word "wanderlust" means "a strong desire to travel," and if that place that comes to mind when thinking about that concept happens to be Ireland, well ... then why not combine that word with a cute watercolor shamrock?

  • In True Irish Tradition 


    We don't have to be Irish to know the meaning behind a claddagh ring -- a piece of jewelry that represents love, loyalty, and friendship that is often turned one way to show that someone is in a relationship and another way if they are single, depending on which way the heart faces. This ring joins a vine of small shamrocks, adding to its daintiness.

  • An Irish Name


    Whether someone wants to represent their own Irish family or the name of someone important in their lives, this version of a shamrock tattoo is the perfect way to do it. A cartoonish, vintage style shamrock with a banner and a name going through the center adds even more meaning to a tattoo that might already represent something so important.

  • Anchored Down


    A tattoo like this can hold a lot of meaning to the person who gets it -- maybe they feel anchored down by their family or their Irish heritage? -- and at the same time, it just looks really cool. This style of tattoo harkens back to a time when anchor tattoos were a lot more popular, and the addition of the shamrock brings a little something extra to the piece.

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