Mantyhose: Pantyhose for Men?


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I've often said that men need to "suffer" through some of the things women have to endure -- everything from Aunt Flo to child birth, bikini waxes to wearing high heels. Well, now we can put pantyhose on the list. Actually, they have a new name for the manlier sex -- mantyhose!

CafeMom keyaziz brought up the subject of mantyhose. She wondered how people felt about men wearing them. Today Show hosts Kathie Lee and Hoda discussed mantyhose as well.


Mantyhose is "tougher" than pantyhose -- they aren't sheer. They are really like long Johns with a more snug fit. And the companies that sell them note that these aren't for cross-dressers -- they are to keep men warm under their clothes. Ah...I cannot help but giggle!

OK, I get the full leg mantyhose, but what about these gartered ones?! They are sheer, but are supposed to be good for compression.


Photo from Comfilon

louise2 said women don't want to wear them, why would men?

teddybear515 said there was no way her hubby was going to wear them.

What do you think of mantyhose?


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Erica37 Erica37

I seen this to on,kathie Lee,And Hoda.I just thought it was to Funny! Some of the the things they come up with,I Wonder!!!!

JayGi... JayGirlsMom

HAHAHAHAH!!! I'm LMBO right now! thanks for the great giggle! even my DH is laughing, and wondering who and why this is needed! ewwwww......=P

knfisch knfisch

I think whoever invented those need to redo the female versions!! Why do guys get an easy open pee flap?!! I want an easy open pee flap!! I don't understand tho are the 'garter briefs' they mentioned like the male version of a garter belt then!! I can't really see a man wearing these...unless they are very very VERY secure with their man hood!!

Erica37 Erica37

I want an easy open pee flap!


that's probably one of the most un-sexiest things i've ever seen

MrsMa... MrsMarianne

This is so not funny on all levels!And it is a major ewww also!

nonmember avatar PaulF

That's right. It's a major EWWWWW!!!! Let me guess, you aspire to be "comfy" tonight, wearing your jogging pants..... Pants....on a woman.....EWWWWWW!!!!

Grow up.

Women want equality, then show a little bit back!

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