17 Unique Unicorn Tattoos Anyone Would Love

Deborah Cruz | Feb 14, 2020 Beauty & Style
17 Unique Unicorn Tattoos Anyone Would Love
Image: Instagram/rakefetattoo

Unicorns have always been a source of magic and possibilities to little girls all over the world. From infancy, we are encouraged to embrace their purity and charity virtues. We’re taught to emulate the magical perfection that they represent. It’s standard issue secret girl magic knowledge. Why else would we cover our rooms, clothes, and notebooks with them from the time we can make our own choices?

The beloved unicorn represents specialness and heroism intertwined with healing powers. They are beautiful mythical creatures that are too beautiful to actually exist. Unicorns are, quite frankly, things that dreams are made of, no matter what age. There's a reason the phrase “If you can choose between being anything and a unicorn, always be a unicorn,” exists.

 Royal families used to drink from a chalice made from a “unicorn” horn, perpetuating the myth that unicorns were pure, noble, strong, and courageous like a good queen or king should be. In reality, the "unicorn horns" were actually rhino horns. In some religions, it’s believed that the unicorn is blessed by God.

It’s only normal that people would want to have a little bit of that magic with them at all times in the form of a unicorn tattoo. Unicorn tattoos mean fertility, kindness, and endurance. Basically, these magnificent creatures in tattoo form can guarantee boss status.

 Unicorns are thought to embody traits many humans would like to have bestowed upon themselves such as strength, power, grace, chastity, purity, spirituality, wisdom, and healing. No matter how you look at it, a unicorn tattoo is a wonderful way to keep good luck and prosperity with someone at all times, and who couldn’t use more of both of those?



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