17 Tattoos Perfect for Aquarians

Kathleen Wong | Jan 28, 2020 Beauty & Style
17 Tattoos Perfect for Aquarians

Happening between January 20 and February 18, Aquarian season is rush of vibrant energy that encourages people to think outside the box, try something new and break away from the norm. As an air sign, Aquarius folks are cool, calm, and collected but also incredibly driven and somewhat quirky. People born under this zodiac sign don't get bogged down by emotions or drama. They sure do sound like the kind of people we'd want to keep around, right? 

Let's go with a resounding yes. 

So now that we've established that Aquarius folks are pretty cool, we can probably assume that the tattoos they'd want to get are equally cool. In fact, with the way we described an Aquarian's traits, we wouldn't be surprised if an Aquarius wanted to get a tattoo inspired by their sign! Click ahead for 17 tattoos perfect for any Aquarius-lover. 

  • Flower Constellation Tattoo


    This beautiful tattoo features feminine flowers in the shape of the Aquarius constellation. It's perfect for the Aquarius with a love of nature -- or for any lover of nature, really. It also totally adds to the laid-back vibe that lots of Aquarians give off.

  • Vibrant Pitcher of Water Tattoo


    Aquarius is often represented by a pitcher as it's the sign of the water carrier. This gorgeous green water pitcher is overlaid with the Aquarius constellation, giving it a sense of dynamism and motion. Let it be a reminder to let the hard stuff just flow over us like water.

  • Mosaic Urn Tattoo


    This gorgeous mosaic urn hides a lot of Aquarian symbols within from the blue shades of water to the fish scale. It's a complex and gorgeous design that people will be finding finer details in over and over again.

  • Minimalist Symbol Tattoo


    So dainty, so subtle, so beautiful! This minimalist tattoo features the Aquarius symbol: two wavy lines. We love the hanging heart addition, too. It's the perfect permanent ink for those who want something a little less showy.

  • Matching Finger Tattoos


    It doesn't get sweeter or simpler than this. We adore these matching finger tattoos of the wavy line symbol for Aquarius. (We just hope they're both Aquarians, otherwise, this could get awkward.)

  • Shaded Water Pourer Tattoo


    This boldly shaded version of a water pourer is absolutely divine. From the shape of her hair and body to the flowing blue water, we're in love with this tattoo. 

  • Watercolor Constellation Tattoo


    Who says constellation tattoos are boring? This watercolor Aquarius constellation tattoo is given a splash of vivid blue and pink, lending it a serious galaxy vibe. For a more subtle look, make it just black ink instead.

  • Traditional Water Pitcher Tattoo


    Stunning is the only word we can think of to describe this water pitcher tattoo that's done in the traditional style. We love the dynamic water flowing around the urn and the two traditional flower adornments. 

  • Starry Constellation Tattoo


    This geometric Aquarius constellation tattoo is definitely unique -- just how an Aquarius would want it! We love the addition of the arrow, the semicolon and the stars. Somehow, the artist worked in the semicolon perfectly -- it doesn't seem out of place at all!

  • Black & White Constellation Tattoo


    Want something that's both feminine and subtle? This black-and-white Aquarius constellation tattoo that's made up of tiny flowers and geometric dots is absolutely gorgeous. We love the placement, too! This would also be a great idea to do with each child's sign.

  • Delicate Galaxy Tattoo


    Into space? Consider this Aquarius tattoo that features planets, such as Earth and Saturn! We love the color scheme on this one -- it's bright without being too bold. 

  • Bold Symbol Tattoo


    Want something more eye-catching? Check out this bold Aquarius symbol tattoo. We love the placement of the equally bold flowers, how it seems like they're growing right on top of the symbol. 

  • Musical Water Pitcher Tattoo


    The only word to describe this tattoo? Flow. We think Aquarians would love that, too, by the way. This tattoo is all black except for the water ripples, which are done in a stunning blue ink. However, the real star of the show here is how the water flows into music notes. Music lovers, this one's for y'all.

  • Handpoked Aquarius Tattoo


    This handpoked tattoo is stunning, and honestly, one might not even guess that it's for an Aquarius! Look how subtle the wavy line symbol is. We love how one is filled in and the other is left as an outline.

  • Bold Geometric Constellation Tattoo


    How could a tattoo be both bold and subtle at the same time? We credit the simple, geometric shapes and the thick dots! Don't forget the gorgeous little moon at the bottom. And this is one of those designs that would look equally great both tiny and big.

  • Simple Aquarius Symbol Tattoo


    Want something that's easy to hide? Peep this simple and subtle line tattoo of the Aquarius glyph. The star in the upper left is a beautiful way to personalize it, in our opinion. This would look equally chic on the inside of a wrist or the on the shoulder.


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