20 Llama Tattoos for Anyone Obsessed With These Wacky, Woolly Creatures

Joe Osborne | Jan 27, 2020 Beauty & Style
20 Llama Tattoos for Anyone Obsessed With These Wacky, Woolly Creatures

Glasses Llama

For the uninitiated out there, llamas are South American descendants of the camel that -- instead of developing humps that store water and fat -- developed thick, fluffy, and incidentally adorable wool. They also have a history in South America as serving as everything from livestock for meat to pack animals. Llamas are also known to be quite social animals that -- after training and weaning -- are pleasant for us humans to be around. They even have their own social system, and enforce it by spitting. So, it's clear that people have plenty of reasons to adore llamas. They're cute. They're fluffy. They, um, spit. So, what better way to pay that respect than an everlasting piece of ink?

That's right, we're obviously talking llama tattoos. And, boy, have we found some incredible, adorable, impressive, and weird takes on the llama in the world of tattoos. For example, we've found tattoos featuring llamas in the American traditionalist style, in some of the cutest line work, and in drippy watercolor -- to name a few. The llama seems to inspire people all across the spectrum, but generally people more aligned with things that are weird and quirky. For example, the kinds of people that find giant livestock animals that are descended from camels "cute". At any rate, enjoy our strange, strange journey through the world of llama tattoos to present the 20 coolest, cutest, and most interesting llama tattoos on the internet to inspire that next piece of ink.

  • American Classic Llama


    This llama representation is an American traditionalist wonder. Inked by Becca Genne-Bacon of New York City, we love the line work and shading on this piece. It's a wonderfully colorful tattoo with lots of culture baked in for good measure.

  • Adorably Happy Llama


    This llama looks just so darn content, what with its jubilant face and the pep in its step. Peta Heffernan inked this tattoo in Canberra, Australia, to incredible effect. The line work here is somehow full of life and expression, so much so we can't help but smile looking at it.

  • Proud Llama


    This happy llama takes on a decidedly more prideful tack in its expression. This llama is walking around with adorable attitude, thanks to Mal Zacharia of New York City and the artist's awesome line work skills. 

  • Sketchbook Llama


    We love this piece for its impeccable realism, looking as if it's walking out of an academic textbook. Inked by an artist known as Minnie based in Auckland, New Zealand, this is another masterclass in line work, with incredibly thin, small, and detailed lines representing the llama's fluffy hair.

  • Rainbow Llama


    Now here's a weird one. This tattoo was done by an artist known as Cynthia based in Melbourne, Australia, which combines watercolor techniques with strong line work to develop an interesting if unsettling piece of ink. Why is this llama floating on balloons? Who knows, but it looks cool.

  • Beautiful Llama


    This llama is one gorgeous animal, all dolled up with no place to go. Get it -- because it's on someone's arm? Anyway, we're in love with the color work and shading on display courtesy of Chelsea Jane in Orange, California, that makes for a simply stunning tattoo.

  • Glasses Llama


    What could possibly make a llama any cuter? That's right, some thick-framed glasses. Thanks to Chris Lochbihler of Dickson, Tennessee, for this excellently adorable llama tattoo. The expert coloring and shading come together within the llama's beautiful eyes.

  • Mosaic Llama


    Those looking to get a little more symbolic with their llama tattoo may want to consider a mosaic-style piece. This one comes from Fidel Pivke, demonstrating intricate line work that's incredibly symmetrical. The llama even has a tag in its ear ... for some reason.

  • Buddy Holly Llama


    Speaking of glasses making llamas look even cuter, here's an interesting extension of that. Inked courtesy of Dagmara Kokocinska in Coventry, England, it's an awfully trippy tattoo. The combo of a watercolor-dashed llama that itself is literally dripping. Why? We don't know. But, it's certainly a tattoo that is simultaneously cute and quirky.

  • Cartoon Llama


    Here's a llama that we could easily expect to see walk by the screen in one of the latest cartoons, thanks to some incredible line work by Ash Butters in DeLand, Florida. It's a seriously simple tattoo, but communicates a lot of emotion in its sparse but thick lines filled with personality.

  • Angular Llama


    Want to go even more symbolic with a llama piece? Try something that's merely a silhouette of the animal. This one is bounded on all sides by mandala flowers, all inked beautifully by an artist known as Gayle based in Panama City, Florida.

  • Sleepy Llama


    This is another expert example of line and shading work, this time by an artist known as A-DEZMAN based in Chile. What we love about this tattoo is its interesting choices in terms of placing color, in the llama's hat and blanket as well as the cactus.

  • No Drama Llama


    Here's the llama that everyone could learn something from. Certainly a simple tattoo, but it has something important to say: No drama. This brilliant piece was inked by Guilherme Fajardo based in São Paulo, Brazil, turning some simple line work into an inspiring piece.

  • My Little Llama


    Imagine if My Little Pony turned out to be something a little different? What we might have gotten was something a little like this: the cross between the famous kids' cartoon and a unicorn resulting in ... the llamacorn. Thanks to an artist known as Lulu the Darling based in Denmark for this amazing crossover.

  • Super Cool Llama


    Here's another amazing example of expressive line work, this time by Mal Zacharia in New York City. This llama looks like it's ready for a date, what with its sharp sunglasses and Windsor knot tie. There's a ton of personality in those lines, so much so we can imagine this little guy in motion.

  • Adorably Classic Llama


    What we love about this piece is its storybook quality, not to mention its expert line work. That's thanks to an artist known simply as Isa based in Spain. This just looks like the most content llama ever, loving its throw blanket and exquisite harness. We'd like to add that the shading work is top notch.

  • Llama on Fire


    Here's something we never thought we'd see when thinking of llama tattoos: a llama that's on fire. We have no idea what inspired this goofy piece, but we're grateful of Spanish studio Red Van Tattoo all the same. We also love how little this llama cares about the fact that it's on fire.

  • Hyper-Realistic Llama


    For those who want to pay homage to the llama with nothing up for interpretation, the hyper-realistic route might be the right one. This number by Black Talon Tattoo Company in Seffner, Florida, does that extremely well, crafting an incredible example of line work and shading contributing to utmost realism.

  • Anime Llama


    Anyone who's looking for a more, say, Studio Ghibli approach to a llama tattoo, here's an excellent source of inspiration. Beautifully colored and brought to life and motion with fantastic line work by Jey Blanko in Colombia, this piece immediately draws us in with its quality cartoon appeal.

  • Cutest Llama


    We don't think anyone would be ready for the sheer cuteness of a llama tattoo like this. From its doe eyes to its adorable unicorn hat. Thanks to Leon Alasso of Melbourne, Australia, for this amazing piece of line work and color, creating one of the cutest llama tattoos we've ever seen.


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