17 Invigorating Strength Tattoos To Inspire Anyone's Inner Toughness

Joe Osborne | Dec 30, 2019 Beauty & Style
17 Invigorating Strength Tattoos To Inspire Anyone's Inner Toughness


Strength is such a nebulous concept, but it's sought after by so many, for so many different reasons and needs. The strength to achieve that next record time; the strength to get over that habit or addiction; the strength to live through a great loss. Some say that strength is achieved by sheer determination, while others might say that strength is in the others we rely on and lend our strength to as well. And, there's no reason why both can't be true for different reasons or needs. Strength is something that everyone could use -- it's a vast concept. Of course, when most people say the word these days, they generally mean figurative or emotional strength.

Naturally, tattoos are an incredible display for emotional strength -- the willingness to endure extended physical pain to become a canvas for inspiration and expression. That process, both physically and emotionally, is one that requires serious strength. It's the reason why this author only has one tattoo and two piercings. So, we've found 17 pieces of ink art that depict and demonstrate strength in so many forms. From beautiful displays of flowers to fierce cats of pride, we've found strength expressed in more than a dozen different ways. For a next or even first tattoo looking to draw out or even shout about inner strength, here's an inspiring list. 

  • Strength Tarot


    For anyone who has a passion for mysticism, this hand clutching a "strength" tarot card tattoo will resonate on multiple levels. The woman pictured is embracing a lion -- the animal most associated with strength -- and has a beautifully defiant look on her face. The etching style of this design really gives it the edge it deserves.

  • Strength Blooms 


    People often attribute the times they've had to be truly strong with a lot of personal growth. This simple script with a beautifully detailed rose blooming out of it completely embodies that spirit. 

  • Strength Symbolism 


    This tattoo has several elements to it worth noting. While we are sure all of the depictions are highly personal to the tattoo owner, the idea of strength interlacing with beauty and life is something that is universally relatable. 

  • Faithful Strength


    Many practicing Christians attribute their source of strength to Christ. Followers of the faith believe he is the ultimate spiritual guide to call upon when going through  hard times, and is often evoked for guidance through prayer. This tattoo intertwined with a cross is a fabulous way to capture that. 

  • Courage & Strength 


    Strength often doesn't stand alone. To be strong for one's self or for others, one needs the courage to be that strength. That is why these two words standing side by side of one another is so powerful. We especially love the flowered background. 

  • Brute Strength


    A strength tattoo doesn't have to represent inner strength. It is a totally fitting way to honor a strong body with a little ink. The placement on this tattoo is perfect, plus, the style is utterly distinctive. 

  • Holy Knight Strength


    Knights are historically known for their bravery and strength. This kneeling knight paired with a meaningful scripture reference is perfect for anyone who enjoys fantasy and the days of yore.

  • Semicolon Strength


    A semicolon tattoo is recognized as a symbol of suicide awareness; it is the notion that one's story isn't over. Serving as the "g" in strength, this tattoo acknowledges the true bravery and strength it takes to keep going when one has lost all hope. 

  • Sea Strength 


    Is there anything more awe-inspiring and powerful than the ocean? This strength tattoo embodies it to the fullest and does it in a subtle, cute way. We love the clean and simple lines and how clearly the intention with this tattoo is felt. 

  • Survivor Strength Tattoo 


    So subtle it could be missed. This compass tattoo in the traditional style has a beautiful script of "strength" at the top. Upon closer inspection, one can see the E is turned in a way that honors a survivor.

  • Lion's Share of Strength


    Lions are proud and bold creatures. While a portrait of a lion is enough to signify strength, having it paired with gorgeous and subtle religious iconography really only enhances the power behind such a beautiful tattoo. 

  • Geometric Strength 


    Blink and it might be missed. The simple triangle frame for the full and gorgeous peony is slightly disrupted by the script word of "strength" hidden in it. We love how this tattoo shows the beauty of harnessing true strength from within. 

  • Fierce Strength


    There is nothing subtle about this wolf tattoo. With his teeth bared, he is ready to summon the strength he has to attack -- which perhaps he pulls from the Japanese symbol for strength that is inscribed upon his head. 

  • Quote Strength Tattoo


    Is there anything more powerful than defying the odds and rising to a true power? Maya Angelou, the late feminist poet knew that there wasn't, and this tattoo owner has commemorated that by getting this piece with her quote on it. It should remind them that the strength to carry on lives within them.

  • Think Positive


    There is a ton of strength that goes into thinking positively. While it might not be all puppy dogs and rainbows all the time, thinking positively will surely make one feel like it. We love the vibrant colors and quirky design used to accompany this quaint concept. 

  • Phoenix Strength


    Phoenix tattoos almost always symbolize a rebirth. After all, a gorgeous bird emerges from the ashes, according to the phoenix legend, and what is more strong than taking advantage of the second opportunities we are given in life?

  • Inner Strength


    This tattoo client evidently got this fierce tattoo to help her be reminded of her own inner strength. We're sure one look at this bad boy oughta do the trick. 

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