15 Infertility Tattoos That Honor the Strength in Struggling To Start a Family

Joe Osborne | Dec 30, 2019 Beauty & Style
15 Infertility Tattoos That Honor the Strength in Struggling To Start a Family


For all of the folks out there having trouble conceiving, a pineapple might mean something entirely different than to those who enjoy eating the tropical fruit. For them, we've come to learn that, regardless of the medical community's support of the notion that women who eat pineapple just before embryo transfer have a higher chance of successful implantation, it's a symbol of hope and solidarity in the struggle to give birth that so many endure. As a result, pineapple accessories and attire -- as well as tattoos -- featuring pineapples have exploded on independent retailers via online stores such as Etsy and in tattoo studios worldwide. The pineapple is a rallying symbol for hope that some sort of cure or reliable treatment for interfility will come.

Naturally, we've decided to scour the depths of Instagram to find some of the most inspiring tattoos expressing people's struggles and solidarity in starting a family. We were able to uncover 15 of them, spanning all sorts of techniques and styles. From white ink runic pineapples and more deliberate symbols (the heart surrounded by the symbolic womb) to beautiful floral interpretations, there should be inspiration for everyone hoping to join the movement of people expressing themselves in their endeavor. For those seeking even further or deeper support through a trying time with conception, we encourage them to check out Resolve -- a nationwide support group directory and organization for those with fertility issues. In the meantime, here's to some hopeful inspiration in solidarity.

  • Pineapples and Runes


    This white ink tattoo has a ton of meaning and symbolism. The tattoo owner captioned it as follows: 

    "Got my first tattoo today and if you know me it has a lot of meaning to me! At first sight a pineapple; fertility symbol of support to us in the infertility community. Inside is the inguz rune symbol for fertility. On top I asked for a Lotus; symbol of overcoming obstacles. My journey is no secret, how I will do it is unknown... I’m sure I will get through!"

  • Infertility Awareness


    The multicolored heart encompassed by a swirling symbol, meant to represent the womb, is widely recognized as the icon for infertility awareness. As so many women deal with this reality, it is a beautiful and brave way to let other women know they are not alone. 

  • Symbolic Tree


    Having the infertility awareness symbol on top of the noted symbol for growing a family is especially poignant. It serves as a reminder that even though they might not be able to biologically "contribute" to the tree, they are still a part of it, and there are so many other ways to make and grow a family.  

  • Symbolic for Someone Special


    Though this tattoo has none of the typical representations for infertility awareness, it does have special meaning. This tattoo owner captioned her tattoo post: "Learning to fly again," which is so simple and yet so moving.  

  • Dark Infertlity


    This brave infertility warrior got this black block tattoo as a striking and gorgeous symbol of her journey with infertility. We love how unapologetic and bold it is.  

  • Infertility and Growth


    Though infertility is a struggle no family wants to face, when couples do so, there is often an immense amount of growth that comes from it. Having the infertility awareness symbol at the root of beautiful wildflowers can remind disheartened families there is a lot of beauty that can come from such a hard time in life.

  • Floral Pineapple


    Make the universal symbol of infertility and I.V.F.  more personal by getting an uncommon filler. These gorgeous roses and stargazers add a uniquely feminine touch to the outline of a pineapple.

  • Stay Strong


    The challenge of dealing with infertility has a lot of dark downs. It can be hard to muster the strength to push through. This bold tattoo serves as a striking reminder that a struggling person can get through this. 

  • Every Second


    Oftentimes infertility sadly intertwines with miscarriages. For anyone struggling to get through a loss, this quote, which reads "I held you every second of your life," is a beautiful reminder that the child they carried was real and loved.

  • The Struggle


    For optimistic families, sometimes it is helpful to remember that the struggle is just part of the journey. And hopefully, it is also just the beginning of a story with a happy ending. 

  • Blue Elephant


    Elephants are the representation of fertility in some cultures. A tattoo is the perfect chance to channel that positive energy and hopefully manifest something beautiful.

  • Our Story


    The owner of this tattoo shared the beautiful story behind her story tattoo on her Instagram:

    "I got this tattoo a few weeks ago as a daily reminder that 'our story' is just that OUR’S! Everyone has struggles, challenges, and obstacles that they deal with in life. Infertility is ours. I look forward to day that I can say I understand why we were put through everything but for now I’m taking it day by day. Infertility is a life long struggle and I’m hoping that through this I will grow a closer relationship with God and my husband."

  • Feathers 


    The ribbon woven into this feather tattoo clearly represents the colors of infertility awareness. We love how peaceful this tattoo is and how accepting the struggle on the fertility journey can be rather freeing in some ways.

  • Plain Pineapple


    For some, simple is best. The detailed realistic style of this pineapple is a direct nod to anyone experiencing the pain of infertility. It stands as a beacon, calling out to anyone who needs community around this all too common issue.

  • Fierce 


    Blending together the animal symbols of strength and fertility, this gorgeous tattoo is a unique tribute to the struggles of infertility. The details and shading are striking.

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