17 Golden Girls Tattoos For the Ultimate Fans to Appreciate

Joe Osborne | Dec 13, 2019 Beauty & Style
17 Golden Girls Tattoos For the Ultimate Fans to Appreciate

Golden Girls tattoos
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The Golden Girls is one of the most celebrated sitcoms of not only the '80s (and early '90s), but of all time. Starring Bea Arthur as Dorothy Zbornak, Betty White as Rose Nylund, Rue McClanahan as Blanche Devereaux, and Estelle Getty as Sophia Petrillo -- the show is known as one of the most progressive (and hilarious) television shows to date. Even female-led shows in 2019 don't hold a candle to the themes and topics that The Golden Girls addressed, much less with the irreverence that this 34-year-old show did. It's no surprise then that it is only one of three sitcoms in history to see every one of its stars earn an Emmy award for their work on it. Of course, it's also no surprise that the show has had a lasting impact on its fans.

We've naturally found quite a few tattoos featuring the nation's favorite women of age, of all forms and styles. From incredible cartoon representations to realistic renditions -- even Sophia Petrillo as a pug -- we've uncovered a Golden Girls tattoo for every style and look imaginable. There are even deep references in our list for the true mega fans out there. Plus, all of these below pieces exhibit incredible artistic talent, from ace line work to vibrant color and realistic shading. It's just as the incredible quality of the show deserves, of course, but nevertheless impressive to see this level of devotion to a sitcom of all things. So, enjoy perusing some of the coolest Golden Girls tattoo art ever seen on the internet to inspire that next piece.

  • Starting Off With Sophia


    Of course we have to start this list with none other than Sophia Petrillo, probably the most widely loved and adored Golden Girl. This beautifully colored and realistic piece was inked by Amanda Abbott of Boston, Massachusetts, including what's probably Sophia's most memorable line of all time. 

  • The Golden Gang Goes Kewpie


    This one is just too rich to ignore, bringing the Golden Girls into an unmistakable "Kewpie" doll style. Each of the ladies is rendered beautifully and -- dare we say -- accurately. Well, if the girls were somehow transformed into Kewpie dolls. This is thanks to an artist from Austin, Texas, named Stacey Martin who specializes in this style.

  • The Girls Crash Into the 'Saved By the Bell'-verse


    The Golden Girls are known to have lived well beyond the remit of the original show, but this is just a little ridiculous. And, by that we mean ridiculously awesome. While we don't know who inked this one, we do know that it's based off of an illustration by an artist named Glen Hanson in Los Angeles.

  • Petrillo's Purse Gets the Nod it Deserves


    This piece is just too precious for us to pass over. Inked by a North Carolina artist named Cutty Bage, it features Sophia's trademark purse with the chorus line from the show's title theme song. Of course, the line and shading work is fantastic, but more importantly it just takes us back to those golden days.

  • Hearkening Back to the Hot Dog Hacienda


    This little number takes us back to one of the show's funniest bits, inked by Alex Santaloci of North Carolina. Of course, the coloring and shading are incredible, but really we're here for remembering that time when Dorothy almost choked out Rose for taking her to the eponymous -- and clown-ridden -- Ha Ha's Hot Dog Hacienda for a birthday.

  • Stay Golden, Girls


    Inked by Kevin Dixon in Macon, Georgia, this piece takes a hyper realistic approach to honoring our four favorite ladies. It's a shame Sophia isn't wearing her trademark glasses, but at least the coloring and shading are fantastic here. For those that want to get real with their references, this is a way to go.

  • Eat Dirt and Die, But First? Cheesecake


    This beautiful piece pays homage's to Blanche's most popular line ever, but also the one thing that brings all of the women together no matter what: cheesecake. Inked by Ed Jenulewicz of Pittsburgh, this is an amazing deep cut for true fans of the show -- just like the Hot Dog Hacienda.

  • And... Now We Want a 'Golden Girls' Cartoon


    Inked by Mother's Tattoo in Elsmere, Kentucky, this piece makes us wish so hard for a Golden Girls revival cartoon. Picture this... (teehee) an irreverent adult cartoon in the same vein as something like King of the Hill. That's what this beautifully colored tattoo does for us -- though, we don't quite get the flowers.

  • A Precious Take on Petrillo's Purse


    For anyone who's ever dreamed of a tattoo rendering Sophia's purse in excruciatingly meticulous detail, here it is. Well, at least one person has, and Angela Emr of Cocoa Village, Florida, was there to deliver. The line work here to recreate every weave in the purse must have taken several sessions. That's dedication.

  • Sophia Petrillo Hits Maximum Cool


    OK, so maybe we have a bit of a Petrillo crush -- sue us. And, who better to fulfill that than Anna Gabrielle, an artist based in Wilmington, Delaware? We could easily see Sophia seriously sporting these shades, and the phrase on them is something to live by: "Stay Golden."

  • A Smorgasbord of References


    Here's the kitchen sink of Golden Girls tattoos, inked by Torrie Bustamante of Albuquerque, New Mexico. There are a few references here, namely the peach -- "If God wanted peaches suspended in midair, he would have filled them with helium" -- and "Damn, I'm good."

  • The Girls Hit the Golden Age of Comics


    Who here wouldn't read the hell out of a Golden Girls comic book? We thought so. Well, Wayward Tattoos of Madison, Wisconsin, brings us the next best thing. The quality of the line work and coloring here just makes us want that gosh-darned comic even more.

  • The Mount Rushmore of Sitcoms


    This beautiful piece takes the incredible Glen Hanson illustration and uses it in an interesting way. Inked by Empire Social Club Tattoos of Mount Vernon, Washington, the piece turns the OG Fab Four into some sort of deific arrangement -- something one would see carved into a mountainside.

  • Thank You For Being a Friend


    We're loving this matching pair of Golden Girls tattoos done by Ashley Delgado of Atwater, California. It's a simple piece all told, but this is exactly what the show was all about, lifelong bonds of friendship between women that, if they haven't already seen it all, will see it all together.

  • 'Golden Girls' & 'Miami Vice' Mashup


    This piece renders the four Golden Girls in incredible detail, inked by Megon Shoreclay of Seattle, Washington. However, it further brings an incredible theme that we'd have loved to see realized on the screen: a heavy Miami Vice vibe surrounding our favorite ladies. We can always dream.

  • Petrillo the Pug


    Sophia Petrillo as a pug might just be the most amazing tattoo we've ever seen for the sheer hilarity of it all. Inked gorgeously by Tara Timoon of Orleans, Ontario, we can't get over the incredible detail and coloring here. And, it's a Petrillo Pug -- we can't even deal with this amount of awesome.

  • Paying Reverence to Saint Sophia


    That's it, everyone -- we're finished here. Sophia Petrillo has been canonized a saint, as it was always destined, thanks to Alonzo Villa of San Diego, California. What can be said about this masterpiece? The color and shading work, the line work and detail ... everything about this piece just screams awesome.

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