20 Beautiful Breastfeeding Tattoos That Celebrate Nursing Mamas

Joe Osborne | Dec 20, 2019 Beauty & Style
20 Beautiful Breastfeeding Tattoos That Celebrate Nursing Mamas

The Source of All Life
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Breastfeeding is one of the most natural acts in life, but some still don't appreciate that, given how many react to it or form opinions about and around it. Breastfeeding has been essential for life for millions of years, but somehow seeing it in public draws the ire of far too many bystanders. Luckily, there's been a growing movement among the mothers of the world and their allies to normalize breastfeeding once again. Thanks to the power of the internet, mothers worldwide have rallied around hashtags and accounts aimed to promote the natural and inspiring image of breastfeeding. The hope is for, one day, to see nursing respected as the completely normal act that it is.

As such, it should come as no surprise that tattooing has become an incredibly popular medium for expressing the beauty -- and honestly the normalcy -- of breastfeeding. Nursing is a time for mamas to connect with their children physically and psychologically, and that shouldn't be frowned upon but rather revered. That's what the following tattoos work to express and represent, through breastfeeding depicted in all forms of expression from the symbolic and noir to the literal and colorful -- even nursing in the realm of fantasy. For those looking to join the movement in normalizing this natural and incredibly touching aspect of motherhood, here are 20 tattoos to inspire.

  • An American Traditionalist Homage to Nursing


    This American Traditionalist style tattoo was inked expertly by a Moscow-based artist known simply as Lina X on Instagram. The piece was apparently done for a man in tribute to his wife and mother of his child. We can't help but be touched by the level of respect this man has for his wife, and the shading work here is fantastic, adding a surprising level of intimacy not often found in this style.

  • A Crest Paying Tribute to Motherhood


    We absolutely love how this piece, by a Tennessee-based artist known simply as Anthony on Instagram, is being worn by this woman like an emblem, a badge of honor -- a crest, even. With this symbolic piece, this woman is paying "tribute to such a hard, sweet, beautiful time in my life."

  • Nursing as a Symbol of Life


    We unfortunately don't know who is responsible for this sublime piece of ink art, but it's nevertheless an admirable tattoo. The line and shading work are simply stunning, depicting what looks to us to be a mother of Eve-like stature. This is how breastfeeding should be seen by the masses: as something to be revered and admired -- not hidden and shamed.

  • How Giving Life Lifts Us Up


    Here's a piece that's both adorable and inspiring, blending the quaint art style of the '60s seen in works such as the Bewitched theme song sequence with a deep sense of wonder and intimacy. With that we can confidently call this work by French artist Audrey Scaramus an otherwise loaded word: "magical."

  • The Source of All Life


    This is an incredibly beautiful piece inked by an artist based in Quebec known as Julia BlackWidow on Instagram. To us, this tattoo displays the universal mother, the source of all life -- her ubiquity intimated by her faceless form and the representation of life throughout the flora surrounding her and her child. After seeing a piece like this, it's hard not to get philosophical.

  • A Symbol of Bonding


    We're taking a much simpler and more direct interpretation from this piece whose artist is unfortunately unknown to us. This tattoo appears to be much more focused on the bond between mother and child through breastfeeding than anything else, and that's just fine -- besides, the line work is downright gorgeous.

  • Mermaids Breastfeed, Too


    What a beautiful piece of ink here that blends one of our favorite ends of fantasy with one of the most important acts and expressions as a woman and a mother. Again, we unfortunately don't know the artist that inked this incredible example of line, shading and dot work, but it's moving nevertheless.

  • An Act of Divinity


    This is a gorgeous piece of art inked by a Finnish tattooist named Nina Laine, framing breastfeeding in the divine way that it should. Regardless of anyone's religion, there is something inherently divine-looking about this tattoo, from the quality of the coloring to the framing above and below the mother. This is the kind of divine imagery we can get behind.

  • A Simple But Powerful Message


    It's incredible what a few simple lines can communicate. This minimalist piece by Pat Sloane of Dublin, Ireland, makes such an incredibly poignant statement on the beauty and importance of breastfeeding through its simplicity. Who knew such basic lines could evoke so much emotion?

  • The True Tree of Life


    Here's a decidedly cosmic piece that puts the incredibly intimate act of nursing into the ultimate perspective, both depicting a figurative tree of life while making a rather obvious statement all the same. Obvious or not, this is a beautiful tattoo for both color and line work that broadens our philosophical horizons regarding nursing.

  • Wrapped in Love & Life


    This entire piece evokes feelings of comfort and warmth to us, from the look on the mother's eyes toward her baby and the shroud that envelopes them both, it's simply touching on a basic human level. Inked expertly by Steven Paradis of Florida, this is an inspirational piece to say the least.

  • Mother at Peace


    This mix between line work and watercolor comes together to present a mother in an incredibly peaceful state while nursing, inked masterfully by Becky Foster based in Liverpool, England. There's an obvious, zen-like serenity about the piece that's an excellent means of celebration.

  • An Elven Matriarch


    As they say, creativity has no bounds, and so even fans of fantasy can express their passion for breastfeeding. This piece by Talka Pollock of Tel Aviv, Israel beautifully depicts a fierce, elven warrior maiden unafraid to nurse her baby even as she looks prepared for battle.

  • A Mother Bringing Color to Life


    We like this piece for similar reasons to the Mother at Peace above, but this one makes stunning use of the watercolor technique. Inked by Vicky Le-Guilcher of Weston-super-Mare, England, this tattoo evokes similar feelings of being at peace with the process of nursing.

  • A Pure Illustration of Motherhood


    This is simply an incredible piece on so many levels, from the talent and artistry by a tattooist known simply as Ellie from Coal Feather Tattoo in Kimberley, British Columbia, Canada, to its pure message. This is another one of those pieces that paints nursing in a serene light, but this one is particularly timeless, thanks to its style that could just as easily be on canvas.

  • Warrior, Protector, Mother


    The fantasy fan in us is simply adoring this piece depicting a female barbarian ready and willing to do anything to protect her baby. Inked by Liz Buckland-Walton of Newport, Wales, the color and shading work are on point, but honestly it's the proud and fierce expression here that inspires us.

  • An Infinite Connection


    The beautiful patterning and line work in this tattoo is what draws us in, but it's the symbolism between the mother and child in this piece that keeps us. Inked by an artist known as Scooter in Adelaide, South Australia, the piece makes a strong connection between mother and child, with leaves within both of their heads -- the only repeating pattern throughout.

  • Mothers Bring Color to Life


    This piece's cartoon style and clear theme -- not to mention the incredibly emotional line work and watercolor effects -- are what we love about this piece. Brought to life by artist Holly Dosdale in Hull, England, the message we're getting here is that this most natural act of motherhood brings life and color to the world.

  • Nursing Is Natural


    Deal with it -- that's the vibe we're getting with this piece. Unfortunately, we don't know the origin of this tattoo, but we just love the cartoon style of the piece as well as the nonchalant attitude of this mother that's simply focused on feeding her baby, not caring one bit what anyone else thinks.

  • A Mother Proud of Her Power


    This one is incredibly similar to the one above, but we're huge fans of this whole message nevertheless. Inked by an artist known simply as Kimoco on Instagram and based in Chateauguay, Montreal, Canada, the sketch-like quality of this piece is incredible -- but more important is the message: breastfeeding is natural.

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