20 Gorgeous Lotus Tattoos Every Zen Mom Will Want

Joe Osborne | Nov 19, 2019 Beauty & Style
20 Gorgeous Lotus Tattoos Every Zen Mom Will Want

An Idyllic Lotus
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For a beautiful floral tattoo that's more than just another pretty flower, consider the powerful lotus. The gorgeous lotus flower is most commonly associated with spirituality in both the Buddhist faith and Egyptian culture, naturally making it particularly intriguing to many for tattoo inspiration. Not only are lotus flowers simply stunning, they're also brimming with meaningful symbolism. That's because this flower is generally rooted in mud or muddy water, which it submerges into overnight, only to reemerge the next morning with incredible beauty despite its surroundings. Despite its environment and what it has to fuel it, this flower emerges strong and beautiful. There's quite a lot of meaning to draw from the literal nature of the lotus's existence, making it a prime subject for tattoos and the perfect inspiration for permanent ink.

To help narrow down the endless zen-inspired possibilities, we've collected a list of our favorite 20 lotus flower tattoos worth checking out. We've found pieces of ink dripping with mystique and inspiration as well as many steeped in symbolism. Many of the tattoos on this list are bursting with color, while others draw us in for their incredibly evocative black-and-white line work. In short, there are countless interpretations of the legendary lotus flowers that have been inked all over the body. With that, feel free to use this list for inspiration for a next or first tattoo, especially for those who identify quite closely with the themes or cultural attachments of the timeless lotus.

  • A Painterly Lotus


    This piece by artist Mavka Leesova of Kyiv, Ukraine, is simply stunning. It looks as if it could appear on canvas on the wall of someone's home. The stages of lotus blooming are beautifully depicted with an acrylic quality with masterful shades of pink. The glowing yellow center within the fully bloomed flower just caps this piece.

  • A Foundation of Chakras


    We have to admit that we love this piece by artist Adele Johnson, regardless of its toe-dipping into appropriation territory. This stylized lotus isn't only expert-level line art, but it seems to symbolize a foundation of some beautifully simple, colored dots that themselves represent the seven chakras. 

  • The Lotus Realized


    This black-and-white piece by Portuguese artist Heitor Alípio depicts a wonderfully realistic, textbook lotus flower that is actively losing its petals. Now, we can't exactly say what is trying to be expressed here, but we can easily appreciate its somber beauty.

  • A Heady Lotus


    It's rare that we see head or skull tattoos out there, and this one is absolutely gorgeous. This beautiful piece was inked by Moscow-based artist Olga Volta, and depicts a lotus with botany textbook-like realism. It's an incredible addition to the already stunning pattern on this woman's head.

  • A Lotus that Mixes Style With Realism


    This is one sharp-looking back tattoo that blends stylized lines and interpretation of the lotus with a realistic look for the flower itself. Seen here in the midbloom, the piece mixes stark, strong black lines and dots with shades of the lotus's trademark pink. Sadly, we don't know the artist who created this piece.

  • A Watercolor Lotus


    It's tough not to admire this piece by Ryan Court of Xtreme Ink in Pennsylvania for its absolutely brilliant watercolor tattoo styling. We love the color shading technique here as well as the color "splash" technique, making for another piece that we'd equally enjoy on our wall as we would on our body. 

  • An Ornamental Lotus


    We're loving this ornamental lotus design by Black Cats Tattoos in Brazil for its masterful line and dot work. This is simply an alluring piece of ink that's bound to express someone's inner flower and draw some eyes, no matter where it's placed.

  • A Simple & Subtle Lotus


    Some just want something simple on their bodies that does plenty to express themselves, and this piece by a Russian artist is just that. This is another example of expert line work and dot work, and would look excellent as a tattoo on a wrist, ankle or just beneath the neck.

  • An Idyllic Lotus


    This piece looks almost divine in appearance, and not just on account of the symbolic filigree surrounding it. The color shading, saturation, and line work about the lotus flower itself makes it appear awash in light. For those who want work from this artist, they'll have to head to Golden Arrow Tattoo in Istanbul.   

  • A Purely Symbolic Lotus


    Some folks out there appreciate a purely symbolic piece of ink, focused more on thick iconography than depicting something more true to life with heavy color and shading. This piece by an Italian artist for Mascalzone Tattoo will certainly do the trick -- and then some -- for folks who dig strong symbolism. 

  • A Lotus of Lines


    We're loving this piece that takes the concept of line work to its ultimate expression with a modern design. This is another work of ink that we could easily take a sketch of, frame it and hang it on a bedroom wall. This piece comes courtesy of French studio La Bulle Tattoo.

  • A Storybook Lotus


    This piece by an artist known as William Bullock Stewart looks as if it were ripped from a storybook illustration. The shading on the line work is just superb, making each petal of the lotus flowers pop. The dot work and shading depth surrounding the triangular frame does a lot to complete the piece.  

  • Lotus Lines & Colors


    Here's a simple piece with a splash of complexity through some gorgeous watercolor effects. A piece like this works brilliantly on the wrist, ankle, or even on a hip for a dash of intrigue. Thanks to Old Church Tattoo of Queensland, Australia, for such an excellent piece of ink. 

  • The Lotus & the Mandala


    The spiritually aspirational piece by South Florida's Salvation Tattoo Lounge blends the symbolic and literal in expert fashion. The golden stamen at the lotus's center is done beautifully, as are the dot and line work, capped off by some gorgeous coloring.

  • Lotuses in the Wind


    It's rare that we find tattoos that capture motion as well as this one. Inked by artist Anthony Horn, this still life-inspired piece depicts two lotus flowers dancing in the wind. There's some expert line and shading work on display here, and the flapping and twisting petals look excellent.

  • A Splashy, Symbolic Lotus


    Here's a back tattoo with all things edgy style, spirited symbolism and inspiring words. Done by artists at Studio 278 in Queensland, Australia, we love the dripping watercolors here, as well as the addition of a quote in the tattoo in place of a flower stem. It reads "Life is tough, but so are you" -- words to live by, for sure. 

  • Lotuses in the Water


    This piece is an absolute stunner with incredible coloring and blending on display to show lotus flowers floating in the water. Inked by Amber Hill of Bend Tattoo, this is a master class in how to make pieces that burst with color and life.

  • A Lined & Dotted Lotus


    Here's an excellent example of expert line and dot work for a smaller piece of ink, thanks to Moscow-based artist Natalya Shevchenko. Perfect for placement just beneath the neck, as you see here, we love the multidimensional dot work that accents the frame as well as the lotus's petals.

  • The Lotus in Bloom


    We're seriously digging this rather long tattoo for its depiction of a lotus as it blossoms, leading us to believe it symbolizes the passage of time -- and therefore life -- in either direction. Inked by Wisconsin-based artist Ronnie James Ryver, it's an excellent display of line and dot work through out all three of the lotsus's stages.

  • A Royally Purple Lotus


    This regal-looking lotus flower exhibits some truly masterful coloring and shading. It's definitely an inspired piece, foregoing the traditional pink color for an almost indigo purple. It's unknown who specifically inked this piece, but we know the artist is based in the UK.


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