20 Fierce Scorpio Tattoos That Are Bold & Beautiful

Joe Osborne | Nov 11, 2019 Beauty & Style
20 Fierce Scorpio Tattoos That Are Bold & Beautiful

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For those born between October 23 and November 21, this season is a delight for all, with the joys of Halloween in the middle of it and Thanksgiving on the horizon. But, it’s also an especially bright time for those born under the constellation Scorpius, or Scorpios as we call them. We know Scorpios to be especially passionate and independent, and with that always ready to fight for and defend their beliefs. Of course, we also know that this leads to Scorpios generally known for being particularly prickly and putting up walls to protect their own emotions -- such is the nature of the beast. That beast, naturally, is expressed by the scorpion. Once someone gets to know a Scorpio, gets past that hard shell and stinger, they can be among the most loyal best friends and life partners.

One of the best ways to express the inner scorpion is to, well, put it out there for all to see -- permanently. Yes, we’re talking about tattoos that are all about Scorpios in every which way that zodiac sign can be expressed. We’ve found tattoos that are literal with their expression, displaying fierce scorpions, and ink that depicts the Scorpius constellation in lots of interesting ways. We’ve also uncovered ink that expresses the Scorpio’s symbol, and have discovered tattoos that get rather abstract -- and adorable -- with the whole concept. So, take a minute to peruse all of the Scorpio tattoo inspiration that one could ask for from the straightforward to the frankly weird, cool and lovable.

  • For the Scorpio Super Fan


    This piece by artist Brittany Lynn in Amityvillle, New York, encompasses just about every expression of Scorpio one can imagine. From the constellation itself to the woman holding a literal scorpion with hair that looks like a scorpion’s tail and a tattoo of the traditional Scorpio symbol on her backside, this one could get more meta -- and beautiful.

  • Scorpio Personified


    We adore this one for its literal expression of the zodiac sign, incorporating a scorpion into the jawline and eyeliner in the silhouette of a woman’s face. It’s both edgy and gorgeous simultaneously, expertly inked by a Brazilian artist known as Rogerio Rocha.

  • Scorpio Goes Geometric


    This ink by German artist Patrick Thiele expertly blends textbook realism with abstract geometry in the coolest way. It gives off an incredible ‘80s vibe, too, with the diamond container -- as if someone could easily find this as a logo on a pullover hoodie or T-shirt from the era.

  • A Scorpio Both Literal & Symbolic


    We’ve chosen this beauty by Hawaiian artist Yasmine Anderson because of its uncanny appearance that’s both obvious and oozing with symbolism. It’s admirable how the artist included both the symbol and constellation for Scorpio, in addition to all sorts of beautiful hearts and patterns.

  • A Scorpio By Any Other Name


    This piece by an artist known simply as Ultimate Ink Tattoo beautifully nullifies the horror of a scorpion’s stinger with that of a gorgeous rose. It’s an interesting way to file the edge off of an otherwise off-putting design that’s doubly pleasing to look at.

  • Subtle & Simple Scorpio 


    It’s easy to appreciate a piece like this for, well, its subtlety and simplicity. For the Scorpios out there looking for a first tattoo, this is a perfect way to for someone to dip their feet into the wonderful world of ink. It’s also just exotic enough to invite questions should someone spot it.

  • Scorpio in the Stars


    We love this piece for its interpretation of the Scorpius star constellation. It’s a brilliant way to express the zodiac sign while both keeping things scientific and astronomical. This is another one that should inspire questions -- bringing the opportunity to show off.

  • A Scorpio Whispering in My Ear


    Here’s another simple and subtle Scorpio tattoo, but inked in a much more visible place just behind the ear. It’s a gorgeous expression of the zodiac symbol done by Ink Therapy in New Jersey, bringing some mystique to anyone’s look. It they’re a Scorpio, that is.

  • This Scorpio Has No Sting


    This is another piece that takes the edge off of the Scorpio’s primary inspiration, the scorpion, by replacing the tail stinger with that of a flower. Done by Seaside Tattoo in Australia, it’s a masterful execution of dot art that makes the ink appear as if it came from a textbook illustration.

  • Scorpio of the Night


    We appreciate how this full-color piece focuses on the cosmic element of the zodiac, putting the scorpion against a crescent moon and hiding elements of the constellation Scorpius behind some leaves beneath the arachnid. Inked by artist Aimee Luckham in England, the misty coloring is just excellent.

  • Lady in Red 


    Hopefully this red ink trend catches on, because it’s absolutely awesome. We love this flowery expression of the Scorpius constellation not only for its design but for that incredibly expressive red ink. Sarah Amelia in London seems to be an artist to seek out for those that want red ink.

  • The Touch of Scorpius


    Finger tattoos are brazen and fearless in their expression. While small and subtle by default, a tattoo like this will certainly interest those who see it -- and likely impress them with its blending of edginess and beauty.

  • Scorpius Is in the Stars


    This piece is another absolutely gorgeous example of dot art with a global and cosmic perspective. Featuring the Scorpius constellation in a way that says something along the lines of “Scorpios make the world go round” to us, it’s a beautiful work of ink by a Melbourne-based artist known simply as Eagle.

  • Lovely Line Art


    It’s easy to adore this undoubtedly modern piece by an artist in the Philippines known as Christopher Carolino. The abstraction of the scorpion within takes the edge off of the appearance of such a creature -- figuratively, not literally.

  • Scorpio Goes Saccharine


    This absolutely adorable ink by Warszawa Tatuaże of Poland may be our favorite on the list. It’s simply a brilliant and colorful interpretation of the Scorpio’s inspiring creature. For those who wish to, again, take the edge off of the scorpion, this is a clever and cute way to go.

  • Kaleidoscopic Call Sign


    Speaking of color, this piece by Berlin artist Nastia Zlotin brings a literal collection of colors and shapes to the scorpion that inspires the zodiac sign and constellation. This is certainly a tattoo worthy of the studio’s namesake: High Contrast.

  • Scorpius in Someone’s Future


    This piece takes the idea of the constellation Scorpius to a literal but beautifully colorful level, containing it within the crystal ball of a fortune teller. We love the color of this work in addition to its theme, which enhances the mysticism of an astrologically-inspired tattoo by Sparrow Tattoo in New York.

  • A Nebulous Concept


    We love this work by an artist in the Czech Republic for its modern interpretation of the scorpion that inspires the constellation and therefore zodiac sign. The vast, colorful void of space behind the scorpion silhouette drives home the cosmic nature of the interest in astrology.

  • Scorpio in Love


    This ink by England-based Luck and Love Tattoo brings a high level of cuteness and abstraction to the scorpion that inspires the constellation of zodiac sign. It helps that the piece is incredibly colorful with expert shading.

  • Scorpio in 3D


    This piece is excellent for its incredible effect that makes it appear as if whoever is looking at it is doing so through 3-D glasses. Done by an artist known as Allin in Philadelphia, we love this piece for its expert detail and its ability to draw eyes and hold them there.


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