Captain Marvel Tattoos That Are Fiercely Awesome

Captain Marvel Tattoos That Are Fiercely Awesome
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Captain Marvel Tattoos That Are Frankly Awesome
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If there's one superhero around right now who we would want to be absolutely BFF, Thelma-and-Louise, let's-get-matching-tattoos-and-go-on-vacation-together-every-year style friends with, it's Captain Marvel. Don't get us wrong, there are some amazing, kick-butt women out there in the superhero space, and we admire them all, from Wonder Woman to Valkyrie, Gamora to Black Widow. But when it comes to the lady we want to throw back a few beers and play pool with, we know for a fact that it's no one but Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel, who would be the one. We love her portrayal by the amazing Brie Larson in the recent movie, and we're looking forward to seeing her in more to come. We find her story and journey inspiring, and can't wait to see Captain Marvel 2 when it eventually comes out in a few years. 

We love the idea of getting inked to celebrate a passion for Captain Marvel -- and for our love of comic books and superheroes generally -- but we know that these ultra-nerdy tattoos aren't everyone's cup of tea. For anyone considering a first tattoo, take a look at some delightfully small forearm tattoos, which are super cool and are dainty enough for most workplace environments, even with a sleeve rolled up. Moms are special people, and need special inspiration for a brilliant mom tattoo. And for anyone with a kid old enough to hold a marker, take a peek at awesome pieces of kid art parents have tattooed on their bodies -- we think it's genius. We just love the idea of celebrating our motherhood in tattoo form -- although that's not the only relationship we'd like to celebrate that way. Nope, we're not talking about our partners, we mean epic best friend tattoos. Our besties deserve it, after all! 

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