20 Tattoos Fire Signs Will Love

20 Tattoos Fire Signs Will Love
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Tattoos Fire Signs Will Love

Just as fire is amazing to be around -- think how hypnotizing a campfire is, or how warm and cozy burning candles makes you feel -- fire signs are among the most dynamic, passionate, and creative of all the signs in the zodiac. However, just as fire is great for the coziness of a warm home and hearth, it's also horrible when it rages out of control. Known for being temperamental, difficult, and having a destructive side, fire signs have their dark sides, too. Fires can sometimes rage and flame up too quickly and then burn themselves out, which is one potential pitfall of a fire sign. But fires can also be rekindled from a glowing ember and arise like a phoenix from the ashes -- another good quality of fire signs. These signs should be handled carefully because they're capable of greatness -- but also terrible problems. 

These tattoos are sure to draw the love of every fire sign. Some of them are just images of fire and flames, while others relate to the specific fire signs: Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries. For anyone who's dealing with a fire sign -- whether it's themselves or their partner or a good friend or parent -- it's worth taking a look through these for inspiration for tattoos or even gifts. And why not take a peek at astrological BFF matches -- find out if that bestie is really destined in the stars or not. Looking for a night of easy entertainment? Take a look at the best reality shows to watch based on astrological sign, which can help out anyone who's bored find the perfect guilty pleasure fit. And for a longer night of planning an amazing getaway, find out how your astrological sign can help you plan the best vacation ever. If a new baby is on the way and the name is just not seeming like a fit, take a look at girl names based on their astrological sign for a nudge in the right direction. 

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