I Tried Out Heels That Convert to Flats & They're a Game Changer for Wedding Guests

Pashion Footwear/Sarah Mun

Pashion flats-to-heels
Pashion Footwear/Sarah Mun

I'll be the first to admit I'm not exactly a heels person. As someone who works behind a desk all day, I am blessed to have a job where the most pressing shoe decision I have to make in the morning is Am I going to wear flats, or am I going to wear flats? (Yes, seriously.) But recently, I was invited to a friend's wedding, which stirred up my complicated feelings on fancy footwear and made me realize: In my quest for 24/7 comfort, I've somehow become a real, grown-up, adult woman who has no idea how to buy heels -- let alone how to wear them.

So needless to say, I was intrigued when I came across a pair of Pashion Footwear convertible heels-to-flats -- a new product that lets you convert flats into heels (or vice versa) quickly and easily. I figured that any product that could let me sport heels, while also keeping my safety net close at hand (in case I wanted to switch back), was a winner in my book. Plus, the upcoming wedding was the perfect excuse to give them a whirl.

  • I showed up at the wedding fully prepared to commit to wearing heels all night long. (I could totally do this! Here's to becoming a HEELS woman!)

    Pashion Flat-to-heels
    Sarah Mun

    The style I was rocking was "Pashionista," a shoe that's touted as "a classic silhouette updated for the modern woman." Hey, I thought. I am nothing if not a modern woman. So stylewise, you could say I was pretty pleased. 

    I had been looking for a shoe that would either compliment my dress colorwise or at least be somewhat neutral, and an open-toe style design seemed to be perfect too. I also knew ahead of time that the wedding would be outside, so something that could withstand some wet grass or worse, a little bit of dirt, was also a must. 

    This shoe checked all of the boxes, right off the bat.

    Pashionista ($165, Pashion Footwear)

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  • But, just as I feared, my dreams of channeling Beyoncé in sky-high (or at least a few inch) heels were quickly dashed ...

    Pashion Heels-to-Flats
    Sarah Mun

    The problem I find with wearing heels -- especially if you don't wear them often -- is finding a pair that doesn't place all of your weight on the balls of your feet. A better woman than I (ahem, Beyoncé) would probably be able to withstand or even ignore the pain; but within minutes of arriving at the venue, I realized that staying in these heels all night was probably not going to happen.


    Making matters trickier was that they were a touch big on me. Next time, I'd probably go down a half or even full size, as the website advises. (And because the entire collection ranges from sizes 6 to 11, that's pretty easy.)

    I'll also say that as a plus-sized lady, the flexible Stelo arch didn't feel super supportive at first, when I tried the shoe as a heel. It had a touch too much give for me to feel good about walking around. 

    Still, that could just be me. As a representative of Pashion assured me in an email, the shoes have "passed all standard high heel tests proving that the heels are just as strong, if not stronger, than a traditional high heel." 

  • Luckily, though, ditching my heels wasn't a problem. After all, I already had a pair of flats on me! (Literally.) 

    Switching out of the heels allowed me to try the convertible function, and transform the shoes right into a comfy flat. It was pretty easy, too -- once I took a look at the tools that come included with the product. 

    Each pair comes with a Pashion Convertible Heel Kit, which includes the patent-pending removable Stelo (that offers arch support), a 4-inch high heel, and rubber heel caps for protective use when you're wearing them as flats.

  • All I really needed to do was twist the heel and Stelo out of the sole and replace them with the heel cap. Voila!

    Pashion flats-to-heels
    Sarah Mun

    The process was pretty simple, and I could easily eyeball what piece went where without the instructions. All four pieces of the heel kit came in a drawstring carrying bag and fit in the purse I had brought with me, so I can imagine this would be perfect for a tote bag, a briefcase, or any sort of bag you would bring with you on a night out.

  • Once the heel cap was on, I could walk comfortably -- and they still looked nice and polished with my dress.

    Pashion Flat-to-Heel
    Sarah Mun

    As a flat, the shoes worked perfectly. They did sort of have a bounce to them, because the sole is meant to be flexible so it can be a heel and a flat. But besides that, it still looked like I was wearing a formal shoe with my dress.

    For the sake of good journalism, I did click the heels back on to try dancing in them during the reception, but I'll be honest: I made it through exactly one Pitbull song before I yelled to my friends, "I DON'T KNOW HOW MARIAH DOES THIS!" Then, I promptly switched back to flats.

  • The final verdict?

    The shoes absolutely work and do as promised. In fact, Pashion has two other styles, The Goddess and The Girl Boss, if you are looking for flat/heels for specific occasions such as work or a night out. I really liked that I could have both heels and flats as options for the wedding so I could look dressed up at the ceremony and give my feet a break on the dance floor without being barefoot.

    But here's my one caveat: I might hesitate before recommending these to my fellow plus-sized shoppers out there who need a little more support in the arch like I do. These didn't convert me to the church of high heels, but I would recommend this to someone who likes options. 

    Still not totally sure where you stand on them? You can see more about how the Pashion shoes work right here.

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