40 Tiny Watercolor Tattoos That Make Understated Works of Art

40 Tiny Watercolor Tattoos That Make Understated Works of Art
Image: tattooist_yeori/Instagram

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Tattoos have been around since the dawn of civilization, but for most of that time they were used to communicate social status, or as divine protection. Nowadays, most people get tattoos to express love, pay homage to family, or to remind themselves of what’s important. Others get them just for fun. The most whimsical tattoo trend is watercolor tattoos, which forego harsh black lines, in favor of soft shading in all the colors of the rainbow, so that the resulting ink looks like it was painted on.

Not everyone wants full sleeves of color, so these tiny watercolor tattoos are perfect for anyone who wants a subtle burst of joy and beauty. All of these tiny tattoos look like miniature works of art.

Watercolor tattoos are particularly stunning, because creating that effect on the skin is no easy feat. Artists have to blend bold, striking imagery with the subtle dynamic coloring and mimic the natural beauty water and watercolor paints have. No two watercolor paintings look alike, and that is certainly true for no two watercolor tattoos. 

Many of them incorporate natural elements, like flowers, birds, and even fruit, because who but nature does color better? Some are perfect for someone with the travel bug, others still might hold personal meaning. Tiny watercolor tattoos are also great for anyone who works in a less than tattoo-friendly environment, or who’s jumping into the world of tattoos for the first time. If our bodies are also our canvases, why not go out there to play?


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