This 'T-Shirt Hack' Is the Secret to Frizz-Free Curls Everyone Is Looking For

Nicola Dall'asen

Nicola Dall'asen
Nicola Dall'asen

Have you ever looked back on photos of your young, innocent self and wish you could tell her something? Although there are, of course, large life-lessons we wish we could impart on our young impressionable selves, little life advice would be great too. 

For a lot of curly-haired women, one of those wisdom nuggets would be to tell their sweet younger selves to protect those curls at all costs. After all, for women who once had bouncy curls, years of coloring, straightening, blow drying, and improper washing have wreaked havoc on their natural curl patterns.

  • That was certainly true for beauty expert and senior editor of Nicola Dall'asen, who thought she lost her curl pattern forever. 

    Nicola Dall'asen
    Nicola Dall'asen

    Nicola had been coloring her hair and heat styling it for years, until about eight months ago when she started to slow down on dye jobs and hot tools. She told her friend and curly hair expert Megan McNally that she was noticing her waves were coming back. 

    McNally suggested she probably had more curl than she realized, and insisted she try the Curly Girl Method, which helps revive damaged curls.

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  • So she gave it a shot. 

    "For about a week, I've been avoiding shampoo at all cost. Every other day when I rise my hair, I squish or 'scrunch' conditioner into my wet hair instead of raking it through -- I only rise it out partially before I squish hair gel into it," Nicola shares. 

    Then comes the crucial part: "I wrap it up in a T-shirt and let it sit for 20 minutes before letting it air dry."

    Yes, that's right. A T-shirt specifically.

  • Why? Because terry cloth towels are terrible for curly hair -- the fibers in the towel can rip hair apart, causing frizz. 

    The idea is to sort of "plop" the hair into the center of the shirt and tie it up by tucking it into the sides. 

    Now, as far as it working, was Nicola happy with it?

  • I wasn't aware that my hair still had the naturally curly texture it did when I was a kid. ... this pretty much revived it overnight," she says. 

    Nicola Dall'asen
    Nicola Dall'asen

    "[I]t's almost like I'm a new person. There's an overwhelming confidence that inherently comes with the feeling of waking up and feeling you really don't need to do much to your hair to make it look 'better. On top of that, I know this is going to contribute greatly to my hair health, shine, and softness, which have always been issues of mine thanks to excessive color and heat processing," she says.

  • So there you have it wavy-haired mamas! A T-shirt can unlock some serious hair magic. 

    Nicola Dall'asen
    Nicola Dall'asen

    May all your hair days make you feel #blessed. 

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