20 'Lion King' Tattoos To Get Ready for the New Movie

Mandy Velez | Jul 9, 2019 Beauty & Style
20 'Lion King' Tattoos To Get Ready for the New Movie


In case the news has yet to reach literally everyone, Disney is releasing a "new" version of The Lion King. It's still the same story, so it's not really new. It's a remake. But the powerful and magical forces decided to make this iteration "live-action" or very realistically animated. The trailers look awesome so far, and though people weren't too thrilled about Beyonce playing Nala, we're pretty excited. Between Toy Story 4 and news of The Little Mermaid remake, Disney movies are all the rage lately, and there are tons on the way. But the universally beloved Lion King, a classic, has everyone anxiously anticipating the big release. There are lots of ways to get ready for it. People have already begun purchasing tickets in advance, and others are likely rewatching the original film to amp up the nostalgia factor.

More ways exist to get pumped for the movie, and that's through art. Of course, there are tons of printed pillows and shirts with The Lion King characters and such, but for diehard fans, that's not enough. For the edgier, superfan types, tattoos are also a great option to memorialize one of the biggest Disney classics in history. Disney tattoos aren't a new concept. Lots of them are done so magically by incredibly talented artists. And there are different types of Disney tats depending on a person's interests. That's what makes Disney so loved: There are so many stories and characters to identify with. From the princesses to the villains, there's something out there for everyone.

What we know for sure is that there are major Lion King lovers and likely lots of people who love it so much they want to get tattoos of some aspect of the film. Disney lovers are also often tattoo lovers. To help celebrate the upcoming remake, we collected some of the most moving, artistic, and creative tats on Instagram. Whether one is planning to get some ink or just look, one thing is for sure: These will never allow anyone to forget who they are -- or that The Lion King is amazing.

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