20 Tattoos For People Obsessed With Summer

20 Tattoos For People Obsessed With Summer
Image: Instagram/ kevinmctattoo

Instagram/ kevinmctattoo

Some people change their favorite season every time a new one rolls around. People who say, "Ohh, I wish it weren't so hot! I miss sweaters!" every summer, wish it were autumn in the spring, and complain about the dark days all winter. And then ... then there are the season-loving die hards. People who pick a season and stick to it -- whether that season is summer or winter, spring or fall, taking the good with the bad. For those who are as completely summer-obsessed as we are, these tattoos are for our tribe. 

From beachy vibes to the foods of summer, there are so many themes to pick from. It could be summer camping or Independence Day fireworks that speak to summer the most. Whatever it is, find inspiration for that next piece of ink. 

While summertime tattoos are some of our favorite things we've seen in a while (just check out #14 and say it doesn't bring back some great memories), we're all about tattoos that are meaningful to people for a ton of different reasons. For instance, some are empowering and beautifully meaningful, and honestly inspiring to us. For those wanting only a cool micro tattoo  or tiny tattoo that can be covered or shown at will, as a starter tattoo or simply because a large one seems like too much, a summer-themed one might be just check all the boxes. And for moms who want to get inked, they may want to pay tribute to either their motherhood or honor their kids, and pay tribute to what matters most in life -- family.  

Summer is obviously the best season to us -- sure, it's hot and sticky, and yes, we sweat more, but we love it for the beach time, ice cream, the long days, and time spent outside -- it's totally worth every inconvenience and annoyance that could possibly come up. We are die hard fans of summer -- so much so that we're willing to get it tattooed!

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