My Quest to Find Inexpensive Jeans That Fit

skinny jeans

Photo from Forever 21

I have two pairs of jeans that I love -- both I got at a sample sale for about half the regular price. One of the pairs is by 575 Denim and the other is Ernest Sewn. Both cost over $100, but like I said, I got them at a sample sale and paid maybe $50 for each. Now I know even that seems pricey, but jeans that my sister can slip into from H&M for much less just never fit me right. I have a small waist and a big booty -- usually a size 27 or 28 -- and prefer stretch denim. So either the waist is too big but it fits everywhere else or I can't get a pair beyond my knees. The more expensive jeans just fit me better.

So after two years of wear, the 575 jeans are ripped at the knee and the Ernest Sewn are torn at the crotch. I need new jeans.


I decided to go to Bloomingdale's to see if there were any New Year recession sales going on and I found a pair that were $145...on sale! Um, no.

I got cranky -- I wear jeans a lot but couldn't justify spending that much on one pair. Plus I didn't know when or where another sample sale was going to happen and I needed jeans without holes in them.

On my way home I passed Forever 21 -- I have never tried on jeans here since everything runs super small and thought there was no way my booty was going to fit, but I went in anyway. Maybe I was a glutton for punishment or rejection from denim...but lo and behold I found not one, but two pairs of super inky dark denim for $25 -- they were $12.50 each!

fringe boot

Photo from Forever 21

Jeans that fit one person aren't going to fit everyone -- I have yet to find a pair at H&M or Old Navy that work for my body type, but my sister and friend Brianne have luck there. My moral here is that you never know where you are going to find a pair of jeans, so it's best to have patience and try on a few styles and sizes to see what works best for you.

I ended up spending around $70 at Forever 21 that day...I got the two jeans, a pair of Studded Velvet Fringe Boots that look just like the Gucci Devendra Fringe Bootie, a rope-tie necklace, and a thin braided belt. That wouldn't have even paid for half of the jeans from Bloomie's!

Have you scored on any shopping deals lately?

What are your favorite pair of inexpensive jeans? Tell me about your size and shape too so ladies can figure out if the jeans can work for them, too.

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