20 Kid Makeup Kits That Are Safe to Use

Mandy Velez | Jun 17, 2019 Beauty & Style
20 Kid Makeup Kits That Are Safe to Use
Image: @clairevillanti via Twenty20

@clairevillanti via Twenty20

Long ago, or maybe in a mother's childhood, wearing makeup was a privilege for "adults" only. Kids either played with their mother's makeup in the safety of their house or would apply products out of parental reach. These days, that has completely changed. With the popularity of YouTube and Instagram and the beauty vloggers who have taken them over, it's nearly impossible not to have young kids watching tutorials or reviews on looks and products. Kid makeup artists are some of the best artists out there and it's no surprise they're rubbing off on the kids. The perk of this is that there's also more knowledge about sun safety -- like why using sunscreen is so important -- and certain chemicals in products. Kids have gotten bad reactions to certain makeup kits that contain harsh products like parabens, so parents are more aware of certain ingredients to avoid. With more kids playing with makeup, making sure they can do so safely is important. 

This is why we decided to round up some of the safest kids' makeup kits out there. We steered away from sets that are not kid-safe or contain parabens. We tried to avoid including products with "talc" in them over speculation that it's not completely safe in regards to breast cancer. However, some include that ingredient as the FDA has yet to find any immediate concerns. That said, this list of full of fun, amazing makeup for kids who want to experiment. Some are cheaper for those who aren't quite sure they're the next YouTube star yet, while other more expensive brands are included for kids with a better understanding of techniques. There's plenty of options, no matter what stage of expertise a child is at. And there are a bunch of products to choose from. Gone are the days of cheaply made eye shadow and sticky lip balm sets. These kits are high-quality. Mom might even want her little makeup artist to share every once in a while. Take a look at the sets below and breathe easy: They're not only high-quality, but safe for a face.

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