21 Disney Villain Tattoos That Are Delightfully Evil

Mandy Velez | Jun 14, 2019 Beauty & Style
21 Disney Villain Tattoos That Are Delightfully Evil
Image: Instagram


Two groups of people are obviously passionate about what they love: Disney people and tattoo people. The Disney group includes those who like the villains. Because they matter, too! For Disney people, there is no limit to showing off that love. There’s Disney villain baby names, Disney Villain jewelry, and Disney nail wraps. On the tattoo side, there’s tons of mom-inspired ink to gain inspiration. So what happens when a Disney person is a tattoo person? To paraphrase the mouse himself: Magic. Art itself is magic but to take something so close to the heart and translate it into a tattoo is pretty cool. Disney villains can come alive through art and be part of a mom’s life forever.

Now, if this article was interesting enough to click into, it's likely because the people who find themselves here (hello!) love Disney. Or, it’s because they love villains or are just genuinely curious about what a villain tattoo would look like. Whatever the reason, we want to deliver. If people are getting villain tattoos, it’s because they feel an affinity to those characters and want to show that off. A tattoo will honor that. This is why we tried to find as many villains depicted as tattoos as possible. We also wanted to show off as many different ways they can be designed. 

Below is a list of Disney villains depicted in tattoo form. Some show them as softer than they really are, while others make them appear as sinister as their acts. Whatever the design, all that matters is that it captures the love of the person rocking it. Check them out below!

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