20 Natural & Safe Sunscreens to Stay UV-Ray Free This Summer

Mandy Velez | Jun 12, 2019 Beauty & Style
20 Natural & Safe Sunscreens to Stay UV-Ray Free This Summer
Image: @Snegok1967 via Twenty20

@Snegok1967 via Twenty20

Sunscreen is a vital part of a person's skin care routine, and if it's not it should be. But not all sunscreens are created equally. It used to be that a person could go to the store and pick a bottle off the shelf and lather up without a care in the world. But after questions posed by the FDA, it has been found that many of these sunscreens may contain ingredients that absorb into the skin. Now, there's a such a thing as "good" sunscreens and "bad sunscreens." The findings are not definitive, but the FDA is reevaluating which chemical sunscreen ingredients it will allow. Sunscreens considered "safe" use mineral UV blockers, such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. The best way to know if a sunscreen uses mineral filters is to rub it onto the skin and see if it leaves a white residue -- sunscreens with mineral filters will leave a white cast on the skin.

Because it may be hard to tell the difference between the most effective and least effective sunscreens, we rounded up a few of the "better" ones. To start, having an SPF of 30 or higher is the goal. Other criteria was as follows: high ratings, good recommendations, the presence of "organic" or natural ingredients, and the classification of a "mineral sunscreen." Most contain ingredients such as sunflower seed oil or aloe that are natural but still have sun-protective ingredients. Although it's important to protect children with appropriate sunscreens, protecting mamas, too, is also our MO. 

As we mentioned earlier, sunblocks to have are ones that actually block the sun's rays. Having zinc and "mineral" ingredients present can ensure that that sun blocking happens. The best part? Some of these sunscreens don't just deflect UV rays -- they also soothe, nourish, and may even create some luminosity. Some makeups even include SPF to ensure all of the coverage: That's how important sunscreen is to a skin care routine.

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