Over 3,500 People Are Obsessing Over This Vegan Self-Tanner for Summer


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For those of us not #blessed with sun-kissed skin, we often emerge from winter and spring into summer a little sheepishly. While there is nothing wrong with being pale, some of us feel mega self-conscious about it  when we shed our layers for the beach. And that's where self tanner can come in. 

As a safe way to bronze the skin, self tanners seem like a simple solution for the sun-deficient. But as a mega pale person myself, I've never considered using self tanner for fear of turning into a shade just shy of one of Willy Wonka's Oompa Loompas. According to over 3,500 people, if I use Beauty By Earth's self tanner, those fears can be totally brushed aside. 

  • Apparently, tons of people have used this self tanner and can't extol its virtues enough. 

    It retails for $30, and goes on the skin completely white (so there is no crazy-messy staining). Users recommend avoiding water contact for six to eight hours after application. The formula promises to be buildable, so one can add on layers of tan to get the "shade" desired -- just add on daily (consecutively). Once the color preference is reached, simply reapply every four to five days to maintain!

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  • The results tend to speak for themselves. 

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    User Casey bravely applied it to her face and stated:

    "I have very very very fair skin and I can never find a self tanning product that doesn't make me to dark or orange until I tried this one. I used it once last night and I love the results sooo much! I will be buying this again when I run out!!"

  • Users had a lot of positives, but a big one was the smell:

    self tanner

    "Beauty by Earth provides a very natural tan color and pleasant smell -- none of that orange skin and awful smell," wrote self-proclaimed self-tanner junkie, Christinou. "My husband always used to comment on how he hated my self tanner and has not said a word since I got this one! I have been using this product since the summer and it made me seamlessly retain that glowing look-- no one noticed a difference!"

  • Others said they felt it would last a good long while. 

    " I figured with a lotion-like consistency this would go fast but it barely feels like I used any so I bet I get at least 10 uses from this bottle if not more," customer and reviewer Stevie said. 

  • So if you're looking to bronze it up this summer, consider checking out Beauty by Earth's beloved self-tanner.

    self tanner

    Get your glow on!

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