There's Now a Crocs-Inspired Handbag & Honestly No One Knows How to Feel About It


crocs bag

When Crocs hit stands somewhere around in 2002, they were intended to be used as a boating shoe. But the breathable, comfy shoes made out of a soft resin caught on like wildfire. The thing about Crocs is consumers have vey definitive feelings about them: They either totally love them or absolutely hate them. 

One thing is for certain though -- they are not fashionable

  • Considering that, it is almost mind-blowing that someone would create a wholly separate product clearly inspired by them. Introducing the Croc bag.

    Optari Sol Tote

    I present the Optari Sol Tote: a sturdy, rubber tote meant to be carried to the pool or beach and possibly burn our eyes out of their sockets. 

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  • The bag comes with several features that closely resemble the shoe. 

    croc purse

    There's durable anti-slip treading, and the material is "waterproof" and easy to clean. The bags are available in two sizes and come in six colors, with prices ranging from $19.95 to $24.99 depending on your selections. You can even customize it with little charms! 

  • Amazon users seem to love it. Out of 89 reviews, 81% of them rated the bag with five stars. 

    People were happy with its cheap price and its functionality, with many particularly happy with the purchase for their kids. 

  • On social media, however, people didn't care about the functionality -- they were simply roasting it. 

    The general consensus? IT'S FUGLY.

  • Apparently whether or not you like its function, be prepared to get judged for fashion.

    And I mean, honestly, if it's useful, who cares?

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