Gillette Responds Perfectly to Backlash Over an Ad it Shared Featuring a Plus-Size Model

anna o'brien

"Fat" has always been a touchy subject for people. In general, society treats plus-size people (particularly women) like a disease that must be cured. It is rare fat women see representation of themselves in media, and when they do, that representation is so skewed on the "safe side" of fat (i.e. curvy women such as Ashley Graham) there are still so many women who just don't see themselves represented. So when Gillette posted a photo of author and influencer Anna O'Brien in all her glory, so many people were overjoyed to see someone who looked like them.  

And there was, of course, a lot of backlash from naysayers. Tons of keyboard warriors took to the comments section to say nasty, mean-spirited things about O'Brien. Comments such as "imagine how many razors she has to go through" and an unbelievable amount of health concern trolls crawled out of the woodwork to shame the model. But that certainly isn't bringing O'brien down. 

In response to body-shamers on social media, the Instagram star spoke to Good Morning America and noted just how joyful she looks in the photo. 

 "For a lot of people, all they can see is fat. They don’t see the joy. They don’t see the happiness," O'Brien said.

And as for Gillette, the company isn't sorry one bit it shared the image. Check out its response and more details about the story here: 

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