The Bean Bag Onesie Is Here For When You Can't Stand Another Dang Minute In Line at Target

Beanbag Onesie
Think Geek

We've all been caught in the world's longest grocery line or have gone to sit down with a group of friends only to discover that you're one chair short, but what if there was a way that you could pop-a-squat no matter where you were? BOOM -- enter the Bean Bag Onesie, a new product that awesomely (or hilariously, depending on your taste) lets you sit ANYWHERE while snug in a head-to-toe outfit that anyone living that lazy life will appreciate. 

  • The awesome new product combines the warmth of a onesie with the comfort of a bean bag chair.

    Sold by ThinkGeek, the Bean Bag Onesie is described as the perfect way to always have a seat no matter what you're doing. The brilliant design mixes a onesie with a bean bag cushion built into the *ahem* rear.

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  • If you've ever been stuck waiting in line while out doing errands, this product is for you.

    Being an adult is tiring, so take a load off no matter where you are. Just think about every endless Target line that you've ever been in or make a statement at the next PTA meeting. "Oh, don't worry about a chair for me, Anne. I brought my own!

  • The Bean Bag onesie only comes in one color "Gumby Green," and the sizes run from small to 3X.

    But let's face it, no one is going to be looking at the color of your outfit with that sweet, sweet bean bag buh-donka-donk in the rear! 

    The Bean Bag Onesie costs $89.99, but for the true couch potato or the couch potato at heart, it's a bargain to be able to sit no matter where you go.

    Lounge on, ladies! 

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