It's Bubble Bath Day!

Bubble Bath day

Photo by Mommy2life

Today, January 8th, is Bubble Bath Day! I'm serious -- it really exists. There are even Bubble Bath Day ecards you can send. Time to pamper yourself, ladies.

I could really use a relaxing bubble bath -- I have a pinched nerve and one of the things my doctor told me is that I need to relax more. He said, "Try yoga, meditation, or winning the lottery." He's a character! I think a bath will certainly help.

Here's what you need to celebrate Bubble Bath Day....


Get some sweet scented treats for the tub. Mommy2Life is offering 10 percent off in honor of Bubble Bath Day at her Etsy shop, AnitaCraftyCreations. This "I Love You Snickerdoodle Bath Cookie Set" ($8 for 8 "cookies" -- before discount, featured above) is made of sea salts and jojoba oil -- so soothing!

Spa Sister's Ducky Bath Bubbling Bath Confetti ($6.99) from Perfume Shop is also a great idea. Sprinkle in "confetti" and watch as it foams up for a super sudsy bath.

You can also make your own bubble bath tonight if you don't have time to go to the store.

I use 1/2 cup baby shampoo and mix in a few drops of essential oil like relaxing lavender or eucalyptus, but you can use any scent. Then take mixing cup and place under running water as it fills up tub. Bubbles!

I'm celebrating Bubble Bath Day tonight! Will you?

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