20 Mouse Ears Headbands That Are Totally 'Gram Worthy

20 Mouse Ears Headbands That Are Totally 'Gram Worthy

best mickey ears headbands
Darling Ear Design/Etsy

Every Disney vacation comes with a list of must-dos. We all want to meet the mouse, ride the mountains (Space, Splash and Big Thunder), and of course, take a selfie (get my good side, please) in front of the castle wearing an adorable Mickey ears headband. 

Whether we're selecting our first pair or adding to an established collection, it can be hard to narrow the choice of which ears to choose down to one (spoiler alert: they're all awesome!) Seeing a wall filled with so many Mickey ear headband options can be more than a little overwhelming, and no one wants to waste precious park time debating over which accessory to buy. 

Between official parks merchandise and the crafty crafters of the world, there's a perfect pair of ears out there for everyone to show off their Disney style. 

No matter if the goal is a pair of ears to match every outfit for a week of perfectly planned Instagram posts or a pair of ears to honor a favorite character or ride, we've rounded up 20 amazing mouse ear headbands to snag before vacation. There are even special ears to rock when celebrating a big occasion, like a birthday, honeymoon, or engagement. 

Disney is one of the few places in the world where it's not just OK to let that inner child come out and play -- it's expected. Wearing Mickey ear headbands around the parks isn't the exception, it's practically the rule. These ear-resistible ears are sure to look great in photos and in person. Find a favorite, and remember to have fun with it!

  • Potion Purple


    The Tomorrowland purple wall in Disney World has become such a popular selfie spot that there's usually a line of people waiting to take their snaps. These sequined purple potion ears add the perfect finishing touch before crossing this special photo op off the vacation to-do list. 

    Purple Potion Ear Headband ($28, Shop Disney)

  • Princess Ears


    Some people's hearts belong to a particular princess. But some of us are an Aurora one day, and a Tiana the next. This gorgeous rose gold tiara ears headband was made for anyone who knows they're always a princess, no matter what mood they're in. 

    Floral Princess Ears Headband ($35, Enchanted Alexandra/Etsy)

  • Mickey Bar


    Some people go to Disney for the rides. Other are just there for the snacks. For anyone who can't leave the Magic Kingdom without enjoying a Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar (or two -- no judgments, it's vacation!) these ears are the ones. 

    Mickey Bar Ears Headband ($28, Shop Disney)

  • Sully


    Monsters, Inc hit us deep in the feels for being a kids' cartoon about monsters in the closet. This Sully-inspired ears headband is perfect for anyone who still gets misty-eyed whenever they hear a little girl say, "Kitty!" 

    Sully Ears Headband (From $28, Ears In Wonderland/Etsy)

  • Sally


    These Sally-inspired ears are great on so many levels. Wear them between Halloween and Christmas as a low-key Nightmare Before Christmas costume, or grab a Jack hat to match and wear them as a goth alternative to the traditional honeymoon ears. 

    Sally Ears Headband ($28, Shop Disney)

  • Star Wars Ears


    It's hard to decide who the cutest furry creatures in the Star Wars universe are. Porgs are precious, but Chewbacca is always saving the day. These ears are the best way to show love for all the fuzzy things in a galaxy far, far away. 

    Porg and Chewy Headband ($22, Millennial Boutique/Etsy)

  • It's A Small World

    best mickey ears headbands
    Shop Disney

    These iconic ears don't just look adorable in photos, they also make It's A Small World 27.8 percent more fun to ride. It's impossible to wear them without grinning like a child, and any preschooler who sees them will be absolutely thrilled (yay for cool mom points!). 

    It's a Small World Ears Headband ($28, Shop Disney)

  • Sailing Ears


    This nautical-inspired Minnie ears headband is a fun and unusual choice for anyone who's traveling to Disney around the Fourth of July but wants a look that's not the traditional flag. It would also be tons of fun to wear aboard a Disney cruise.  

    Sailing Ears ($40, Happily Earver After/Etsy)

  • Iridescent Awesomeness


    This bling-covered headband is the perfect one to reach for when celebrating a honeymoon or anniversary, but the thought of wearing a veil in the Florda or California heat is just too much. Don't have a partner but love the look? Get them and bling out.

    Iridescent Ears Headband ($28, Shop Disney)

  • Cruella


    OK, yes, fine, wanting to slay a bunch of adorable puppies for their coats puts Cruella De Vil firmly in the "bad role models" category. But there's something thrilling about embracing one's dark side and going after those #goals, no matter what. 

    Cruella Ears Headband ($18, Bella Bowtique Designs)

  • Sequined Classic


    These black and white beauties are the Audrey Hepburn of Minnie ears. They're a classy yet cute pair to purchase when the goal is to look adorable for photos and have a set of ears that matches every outfit in the suitcase. 

    Black and White Ears Headband ($28, Shop Disney)

  • Maleficent


    If we learned anything from watching Angie make evil eyes for two hours, it's that Maleficent isn't bad exactly, she's just misunderstood. Feel free to scowl in long lines and pay homage to the dark witch who reigns over all the other villains with these awesome floral ears. 

    Maleficent Ears Headband ($25, Darling Ear Designs/Etsy)

  • Festive Flowers


    Dainty and adorable, these tropically inspired ears would look perfect so many places. During the summer? Check. While on a vacation at Disney's Hawaiian resort? Check? While vacuuming the house because we all deserve to feel pretty? Double check. 

    Plumeria Ears Headband ( $30 Shop Disney)

  • Space Mountain


    For anyone who thinks speed walking into Tomorrowland right after rope drop sounds like the perfect way to start off a morning in the Magic Kingdom, then these Space Mountain-inspired ears are sure to please. Did we mention they glow in the dark? Time to race to Space!

    Space Mountain Ears Headband (From $27, Dolphinitely Designs/Etsy)

  • Eeyore


    Everyone squeals when Winnie the Pooh and Tigger come waddling and bouncing down the parade route, but what about Eeyore? For those of us who relate to this sweet donkey who doesn't always see the sunny side of things, show him some love with these glittery ears. 

    Eeyore Ears Headband ($30, Ever After by Patti/Etsy)

  • Up


    It's a truth universally acknowledged that anyone who can get through the first 10 minutes of Up without crying is a heartless monster. Show some love for the best romantic movie since The Notebook with these cute ears. 

    Up Ears Headband ($28, Shop Disney)

  • Birthday Cupcake


    These birthday cupcake ears make an amazing gift for anyone who loves getting all the attention on their big day. With eye-catching rainbow sequins and a candle-topped felt treat, wearing these will guarantee people stopping to say "Happy Birthday!" all day long. 

    Birthday Ears Headband ($28, Shop Disney)

  • Mickey Mouse Club


    Who's the leader of the club that's made for you and me? M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E. This headband won't actually grant membership to the Mickey Mouse Club, but it will make us feel like we're one step closer to dancing alongside Britney, Christina, Justin, and JC. 

    Mickey Mouse Club Headband ($28, Shop Disney)

  • Mardi Gras


    This plumed pair of ears may be mardi gras themed, but that won't stop us from wearing them all year round The feathers are a festive alternative to sequins and those jewel-toned colors are sure to look great with any skin tone. 

    Mardi Gras Ears Headband ($28, Shop Disney)

  • Jasmine


    For those of us who secretly yearn to put on a full princess costume for a day in the parks but can't (rules, schmules, fine, whatever!) These blinged-out Jasmine-inspired ears allow our inner princess to shine brightly, even if the rest of our outfit looks like something a street rat would wear. 

    Jasmine Ears Headband ($37, Disney Autumn/Etsy)

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