Lighted Makeup Mirror: Do You Use One?

makeup mirror

Photo from Amazon

Do you use a lighted makeup mirror? Abbysmom2001 and I were chatting and she was thinking of buying one, but didn't know which one to buy.

My mom has a magnifying mirror that I always check out when I'm at her house (scary large pores -- ah!), but the ones that offer different lighting choices are the best way to see what your makeup is going to look like in different settings.

I knew my sister Jen had one, so I asked for thoughts....


Jen has this one -- Jerdon JGL9W 5X Magnification Tri-Fold Lighted Mirror ($34.99) -- and it's sold on Amazon (but she said they are also sold in drugstores as well). Jen's mother-in-law has been using one for as long as she's worn makeup, and let me tell you -- this woman looks flawless all the time -- so does my sister. Hmm...maybe I'll buy one, too!

This mirror features four "color-correct" light shades so you can see if your makeup in the inside light looks as good as when in the outside light. I tested out Jen's and really did like applying makeup in it and seeing how good (or bad) the application looked in all four settings.

Do you use a lighted mirror? Which one do you like best?

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