20 Easy Valentine's Day Hairstyles For Kids

Megan Zander | Jan 16, 2019 Beauty & Style
20 Easy Valentine's Day Hairstyles For Kids

Valentine's Day hair for kids

Valentine's Day is coming up, which means love is in the air -- and in the hair! A pink, white, and red outfit is a festive way to celebrate the holiday. But a fun Valentine's Day-inspired hairdo will set a look over the top and help kids feel extra special (and combat the "why is there school on a holiday?" blues). We've gathered unique heart-inspired hairstyles that are super easy to pull off and can be done in minutes -- because who wants to start off Valentine's Day with tears or by missing the bus? 

Instagram is full of amazing, intricate looks for just about every special occasion. But what looks great on a phone can wind up looking tacky or cartoonish in real life. And no one wants to promise their child a festive Valentine's Day hairdo only to realize it's too complicated to pull off that morning. 

Keeping Valentine's Day hair simple (but still totally cute) is the key to finding the balance between helping kids feel good about themselves and not drawing so much attention from classmates that they can't focus on their schoolwork. All it takes is some small hair bands (try pink, red, or white for extra Valentine's flair!) and the ability to form a ponytail. Bonus points if braiding is also part of a mom's skill set, but it's not a hard and fast requirement for a cute Love Day style.  

From heart-shaped half ponys so easy they can be pulled together while waiting in the drop-off line to fantastic heart-inspired braids that look like they came from a salon, check out these Valentine's Day hairstyles for kids for some sweet hair inspiration. 

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