20 Quick, Easy Holiday Hairstyles for Kids

Maressa Brown | Dec 17, 2018 Beauty & Style
20 Quick, Easy Holiday Hairstyles for Kids

holiday halo braid

It may seem counterintuitive, given how packed most families' schedules are for the last few months of the year, but the holiday season presents the perfect time for loved ones to take a load off and just chill. During that quiet time between Christmas and New Year's especially, it's an opportunity to enjoy impromptu activities that are the opposite of coordinated, absolutely not orchestrated. That could look like a family walk in the park, building snowmen and then drinking hot cocoa, heading to the Christmas market to try all the sweets, looking up fun new crafts to try on Pinterest, and spending an afternoon making new ornaments or baking cookies.

At the same time, the season promises to be filled with parties and school activities galore for kids. From dances to recitals to, depending on how old the kids are, other end-of-semester milestones, like choir or theater performances, plenty of fun and accomplishment must be checked off the list before winter break. Even little ones who attend preschool often have holiday concerts to prepare for and star in. Parents find themselves shuttling their kiddos from one of these big moments to the next, while also juggling family parties, dinners with loved ones, prepping for Christmas Eve or Christmas dinner, and possibly planning a family New Year's Eve spent in or out.  

With this flurry of holiday activity, coming up with wardrobe and styling choices for performances and parties can end up feeling like just one more thing that's going to take a whole lot of time and energy. Fortunately, there are plenty of super-quick, easy, and festive hairstyles that anyone can do on their kiddo. Here are 20 pretty holiday hairstyles both parents and kids will love.  

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