20 Wild Tattoos for a Wanderlusting, Wise Sagittarius

Maressa Brown | Dec 17, 2018 Beauty & Style
20 Wild Tattoos for a Wanderlusting, Wise Sagittarius

sagittarius wanderer tattoo

When it comes to landing on body art that's worth falling and staying in love with for a lifetime, people frequently take their core identity and roots into consideration. It's for that reason that hometowns, family members, and lifelong passions often serve as go-to sources of inspiration when brainstorming the perfect tattoo. A person's natal (or birth) astrology can be a wonderful source, as well. Though discussion of astrology and the zodiac tends to bring to mind the 12 sun signs, determined strictly by one's birth month and day, professional astrologers look at a person's birth month, day, time, and place.

With that information, astrologers then create a snapshot that takes much more than the sun's position into consideration. That information can lead to insight on a person's personality, dreams, desires, patterns, and certain challenges or strengths in life. 

But the position of the sun on the day of a person's birth absolutely carries a weight all its own, summing up the core personality. And if someone was born between November 22 and December 21, they're a Sagittarius, a mutable fire sign, symbolized by archer and the Greek mythological creature the centaur (half human, half horse). Sags are known for their love of learning, wanderlust, and tendency not to filter their opinions, often blurting out exactly what they're thinking in a brusque manner. They're philosophers, big ideas people, teachers, and lifelong students. They are also quite often natural-born entertainers. (From Britney Spears to Nicki Minaj, Brad Pitt to Stephen Spielberg, Miley Cyrus to Taylor Swift, just look at how many celebs are Sags.) 

All of these dynamic traits lay fertile ground for tattoo inspiration. Here are 20 bold and wild tattoos perfect for a Sag. 

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