20 Simple Holiday Party Hairstyles

20 Simple Holiday Party Hairstyles

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With Halloween securely in the rearview mirror, the holiday season -- and all that comes with it -- is absolutely here. Soon, every public landscape is sure to be draped in twinkly lights, shimmery evergreen trees, red cups from Starbucks, and metallic wrapping paper. Not to mention all the trappings of Thanksgiving, from pumpkin pies to Black Friday sale guides. 

One of the most beloved aspects of the season is, of course, getting together with loved ones, co-workers, and old friends to celebrate over delicious comfort food and merry-making cocktails. But for many of these occasions, dressing up isn't exactly optional.  

At the same time, it's natural to feel utterly rundown this time of year. After all, with daylight savings time over, the days feel much shorter -- and darker! -- and the list of regular life, not to mention seasonal chores and to-dos, can seem never-ending! Figuring out what to wear to a holiday get-together is an undertaking in and of itself. Forget about somehow figuring out a hairstyle that says "pulled-together, polished, and glamorous" yet takes pretty much no time to do. 

Thankfully, finding a holiday party-appropriate hairstyle that's as easy -- and quick! -- to do as it is stunning doesn't have to be a complete headache. From low ponytails to outrageously pretty braids that look far more complicated to achieve than they actually are, hair tutorials all over the Internet have harried, exhausted women covered during the festive season! 

Here are 20 simply beautiful holiday hairstyles that require minimal time -- and energy!

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