20 Ear Tattoos That Are Small But Stylish

Kayla Boyd | Oct 29, 2018 Beauty & Style
20 Ear Tattoos That Are Small But Stylish

ear tattoos

Tattoos are a really great way to express personal style and there are so many creative and fun tattoo ideas out there. Once one has decided on what they want to get, it's time to decide on where to place it. People choose all kinds of locations for their tattoos, from their faces to their kneecaps to their feet. But one really great location for a small tattoo is the ear. Behind the ear is a pretty popular location, but do not be afraid to take it a step further and get something inside the ear. Because the cartilage has the most space, that is the most common place for an ear tattoo to be placed -- but people have definitely found some other cool ways to do it as well. 

From flowers to symbols to words and dates, people have thought of so many cool designs that fit inside the ear. Many of them also look great with ear piercings. Ear tattoos can be fun to show off for people with shorter hair or those who love to rock a ponytail on the daily. Since most ear tattoos are so tiny, they are often minimal and without ton of detail. Things like hearts, stars, music notes, paw prints, and even just a simple line design all work well. However, some skilled artists are able to get more detailed with things like a butterfly, a realistic tree branch, or even a skull. The ears are surprisingly a really awesome place to add some ink. And since it is such a small surface, it can be finished quickly and without a ton of pain. Here are 20 really cool ear tattoo ideas that make some pretty great body art. We definitely are considering getting one! 


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