20 Knee Tattoos That are Totally Worth the Pain

Kayla Boyd | Oct 25, 2018 Beauty & Style
20 Knee Tattoos That are Totally Worth the Pain

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Getting a tattoo is a personal experience that involves a lot of decision-making: what to get, what style to get it in, color or black ink only, and of course where to get it done. One place that not everyone considers getting tatted is the knee. Knee tattoos are pretty painful because of the obvious fact that there is a big bone there with not a ton of fat separating it from the skin. But, even though it may require some breaks and hand squeezing, knee tattoos look pretty amazing when they are all finished. People have gotten them done in all different styles. Some brave souls have even gotten both of their knees inked. 

Two designs that seem to be especially popular when it comes to knee tattoos are flowers and mandalas. These tend to play into the roundness of the kneecap. Other designs that can have this effect include suns, faces, or a hot air balloon. Another way to play with the placement is to use the bottom or top curve of the kneecap. This has been done with designs that involves wings: an eagle, a bat, and a butterfly. One person even used the kneecap for the vocal sac of a frog by using negative space. When placed in a creative way, these tattoos can give the illusion of movement, because they are being placed on a joint. There are definitely a lot of unique designs that can be done on knees. So for those who are willing to tolerate the pain, we totally support it! These 20 knee tattoos are edgy, cool, and they make us want to get one and wear shorts year-'round. 


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