20 Lisa Frank Tattoos That Are Full of Rainbows & Animal Print

Kayla Boyd | Oct 22, 2018 Beauty & Style
20 Lisa Frank Tattoos That Are Full of Rainbows & Animal Print

Lisa Frank tattoos

For anyone who was a little girl in the '80s or '90s, I probably would not believe them if they told me that they never heard of Lisa Frank. The company, Lisa Frank Incorporated, was founded by Lisa Frank (yes, she is a real person) in 1979 when she was 24 years old. The artist and entrepreneur was raised in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, and then attended University of Arizona. Soon after that, she started her company, which is still headquartered in Arizona, as a line of original stickers. The company eventually expanded into tons of school supplies, including folders, pencil cases, binders, backpacks, and notebooks.

In the late '80s and early '90s kids everywhere just HAD to have it --- hence the brand's catchphrase: "You Gotta Have It." Some may even recall seeing a young Mila Kunis in a resurfaced 1993 Lisa Frank commercial. Although Lisa herself has remained private and secretive over the years when it comes to her personal life, her work has made kids and adults smile for decades. With all of the bright colors and elaborate details, it only makes sense that some people would get tattoo inspiration from this iconic brand. 

When it comes to a Lisa Frank illustration there are pretty much no rules. Bring on all of the neon pigments, adorable baby animals, and add in a bunch of hearts and stars. These 20 Lisa Frank tattoos give us all of the feels -- and make us strongly consider getting some new ink. From rainbow leopards to ballerina bunny rabbits, people thought of everything! 

  • Alien Lisa Frank Tattoo


    This bright green alien is sure to bring out one's inner space girl. It also has a colorful little butterfly and a swirly font that all fits together perfectly. 

  • Baby Tiger Lisa Frank Tattoo


    Possibly one of Lisa Frank's most well-known characters is the baby tiger. This vibrant tattoo has a pretty touch of flowers as well. 

  • Unicorn Lisa Frank Tattoo


    Unicorns may be on trend now, but back in the '90s, this rainbow unicorn was seen on tons of different Lisa Frank products. And we love all of the added details: the stars, flowers, hearts, butterfly, etc. 

  • Leopard Lisa Frank Tattoo


    Rainbow leopard print is perhaps the most iconic aspect of all things Lisa Frank. This cute little guy is totally a '90s staple. 

  • Purple Panda Lisa Frank Tattoo


    Purple pandas with a watermelon umbrella ... yes please! We love this adorable Lisa Frank-inspired ink. 

  • Cat & Cupcake Lisa Frank Tattoo


    Kittens and cupcakes, has there ever been a more iconic duo? This design is super sweet! 

  • Angel Cat Lisa Frank Tattoo


    Another classic animal from the Lisa Frank universe is the rainbow angel cat. This tattoo is spot-on in comparison to the original illustration. 

  • Painting Puppy Lisa Frank Tattoo


    This is a fun idea for painters or artists in general. The Lisa Frank rainbow puppy is sure to bring out a smile. 

  • Mermaid Lisa Frank Tattoo


    For those who love mermaids and are considering getting a tattoo of one, this Lisa Frank design is a great option. The neon hues and flowing hair are a mood, for sure. 

  • Ballerina Bunny Lisa Frank Tattoo


    Ballerina bunny may be a cute tattoo choice for a dancer ... or just anyone who owned a folder with her on it as a child. Who wouldn't love a dancing bunny in a rainbow tutu and flower crown? 

  • Hummingbird Lisa Frank Tattoo


    This Lisa Frank hummingbird was taken straight from some old school supplies. The nostalgia is real! 

  • Hot Air Balloon Lisa Frank Tattoo


    More cute animals, plus a hot air balloon. Obviously, it's a pretty amazing tattoo. 

  • Lizard Lisa Frank Tattoo


    This lizard is a cool tattoo design that would look good in a lot of different places and sizes. We also really like the ombré effect in the coloring. 

  • Dolphin Lisa Frank Tattoo


    Dolphins are yet another classic Lisa Frank animal. This one is placed in a heart with a rainbow beach scene. Creative and whimsical. 

  • Halloween Lisa Frank Tattoo


    For those who are obsessed with Halloween and want a tattoo to represent the holiday, why not add a Lisa Frank twist to it? The combination of candy corn, a baby tiger in a witch hat, a rainbow heart, and a pumpkin is something we never realized we needed until now. 

  • Leopard Spots Lisa Frank Tattoo


    An unusual spin on a Lisa Frank tattoo is to get just rainbow leopard print on its own. The way this flows from her neck and down her shoulder gives a cool effect. 

  • Ice Cream Sundae Lisa Frank Tattoo


    We all scream for ice cream! Especially a sundae like this straight from the Lisa Frank universe. This is truly what dreams are made of. 

  • Polar Bear Lisa Frank Tattoo


    This little polar bear has a soft color palette and a watercolor effect. Too cute! 

  • Crown Lisa Frank Tattoo


    A more simple and somewhat minimalistic Lisa Frank tattoo is this crown. Of course, it features all rainbow gems. 

  • Seal Lisa Frank Tattoo


    And this list would not be complete without the rainbow seal. This underwater illustration is cheerful and bright. 


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