20 Pink Hair Ideas to Show Support for Breast Cancer Awareness

Kayla Boyd | Oct 19, 2018 Beauty & Style
20 Pink Hair Ideas to Show Support for Breast Cancer Awareness

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With October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, people are doing tons of different things to show their support for those who are battling the awful disease. From tutus to tattoos to makeup looks, people are thinking pink and raising awareness in a plethora of different forms. It is pretty common for businesses to offer specific products that donate to the cause during this time of year. For example, H&M recently released bras designed for women who have had mastectomies and profits will go toward the cause. People also participate in various walks and events that are meant to raise money for breast cancer research.  

With that being said, fashion and beauty are a way of expressing ourselves, and they can also be a tool for making a statement. During October, we can get the conversation started around breast cancer, and those who have or still are dealing with it, by using fashion and beauty. Whether it is a pink ribbon pinned on a jacket, a pink work uniform, or pink hair, when people compliment it or ask about it, we can use that to spread awareness. 

And speaking of pink hair, that trend is taking over Instagram for the month of October and we are loving it. Many people have called up their hairdressers and asked for pink tips, pink pixies, and pink ombrés. Of course pink hair is a fun style statement year-round, but this time of year is a particularly good time for it -- especially when we are using it to get people to donate or do a little extra research. So, we gathered 20 different pink hairstyles that everyone should totally try this month. Whether it's dye, a wig, or a temporary spray, pink hair may be just the thing to get people's attention and tell them about the importance of breast cancer research. 

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