The Internet Is Losing It Over This $1,000 Scarf That Looks Like a Furry Vagina

fendi vagina shawl

The internet is having a field day with a high-end garment that reminds them of something that many can see for free -- should they choose. Recently, social media has taken notice of a ready-to-wear fur-trimmed scarf by Italian designer brand Fendi that comes with a hefty price tag. People are saying that the pricey light pink item looks a whole lot like a furry vagina... and well, they're not wrong. 

  • The "Touch of Fur Shawl" that has been receiving all of the attention retails for $990!

    It is a silk-wool blend scarf with fur trim, and needless to say, it's getting a ton of attention. 

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  • It also comes in red and blue -- which do look a lot less similar to a vagina than the pink. 

  • Twitter user @Marshall5Sharon was the first to make the shawl go viral and has since received more than a thousand likes and hundreds of retweets. 

  • Since then, people all over the Internet have joined in on the amusement. 

  • Some people are also pointing out their disapproval of the fact that the expensive garment uses real fox fur. 

  • Others are having WAY too much fun with this...

  • We imagine wearing this would be sort of like giving birth to yourself.

  • LOL! 

  • This is the quality content we all deserve.