40 Coverup Tattoos That Signify New Chapters

Kathleen Wong | Oct 16, 2018 Beauty & Style
40 Coverup Tattoos That Signify New Chapters

Coverup tattoo

Most of us can probably agree that going to get a tattoo is a magical moment. Maybe it's something we've planned for months or years, or maybe it's a spontaneous moment that'll hopefully turn into a lifelong memory. Either way, at that moment, we're expecting to cherish the new ink that's about to grace our skin. Unfortunately, that doesn't always end up the case. Sometimes things change and over time, we wind up looking at our tattoo in a different light -- and it's not always a positive one. Thank goodness for coverup tattoos.

Maybe it was a nasty breakup, an inevitable fight or perhaps we finally realized that we actually don't care for that design as much as we thought. Whatever it was, sometimes we no longer agree with having something forever -- and we're not alone in feeling that way if we do. In fact, it turns out that 5 percent of people have a tattoo covered up, according to Inked Magazine. Hey, things change.

Don't get us wrong, having a tattoo coverup isn't a totally negative thing. As we go through life growing more into our own skin, a tattoo coverup becomes a chance to start anew and to refresh and revamp our ink into something exciting to look at. It's the time to open a new chapter! Giving a piece of ink a new, beautiful life is actually a pretty powerful moment.

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