40 Super Cool Stick & Poke Tattoos

Kathleen Wong | Oct 11, 2018 Beauty & Style
40 Super Cool Stick & Poke Tattoos

stick and poke tattoo

When it's time to get tattooed, most of us go straight to imagining being positioned in a reclining chair and hearing the steady buzz of a tattoo gun. Well, that's actually not the case for all tattoo styles. Enter the stick and poke tattoo. Like the name suggests, this tattoo style is the old-school way, being done through the process of being manually stuck and poked with a needle that's been dipped in ink. Sometimes the needle is attached to something like a pencil so it's easier to hold. This ancient method was once how jailbirds did their "prison tats," but now freestyle stick and poke tattoos are now hitting the mainstream for their unabashedly cool and organic vibe. 

Does being poked by a needle dot by dot sound like a slow and painful experience? Turns out that this method of tattooing may actually be less painful than the machine tattoo because it's less invasive so the skin heals faster. Of course, everyone's pain tolerance differs and it can also depend on the tattoo location.

And although stick and poke tattoos derive from the DIY scene, it's best to seek out a professional for the safest and most sanitary tattoo session. A professional artist will also make sure there's no keloid scarring.

This back-to-basics tattoo style is going to look a little lighter and "less perfect" than a machine tattoo. The method is perfect for dotwork and other designs without definite outlines, tattoo artist Sarah March told Cosmopolitan. Sign us up. 

Without further ado, we scoured the Internet for some of the most gorgeous stick and poke tattoos. Just try not to find a stick and poke tattoo artist after clicking through this slideshow.