20 Nostalgic Tattoos That '90s Kids Will Love

Kayla Boyd | Oct 11, 2018 Beauty & Style
20 Nostalgic Tattoos That '90s Kids Will Love

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Nostalgia has taken over the world of fashion, television, and now tattoos! There is nothing we seem to love more lately than a reminder of the "good old days" when all we wanted was to ride around in a Barbie Jeep and then go home and watch Spice World on repeat. For '90s kids, our childhood was filled with the best cartoons (so good that they want to remake all of them), songs about girl power, Tamagotchi pets to keep alive, and scrunchies worn around our wrists. It was a simpler time -- a time of bright, colorful prints and after school Nicktoon marathons. And as the '90s get further away from us, the more we want to bring them back! 

With the '90s being "back in style" in such a big way, it is no surprise that people are now showing off their best childhood memories in the form of ink. From tattoos of toys like Furbies, Troll dolls, and Polly Pockets, to cartoon characters from the Rugrats, CatDog, and Pokémon, there are a lot of creative tattoo ideas out there. Some people have even gotten their favorite '90s beauty products, such as a hair crimper or a tube of Lip Smackers. And most of these tattoos end up super colorful, with a playful vibe -- which is all too fitting. As a '90s baby myself, I can't help but wonder if I now need my own Sailor Moon tattoo? Whether someone was into Nintendo 64, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, or Barbies in '90s (or all of the above), there are awesome tattoo ideas for it all. Here are 20 tattoos inspired by everything we know and love about the '90s! The nostalgia is real and we are so here for it. 

  • Furby '90s Tattoo


    Anyone who had a Furby as a kid will likely appreciate this creative tattoo idea. The robotic, fuzzy toys were released in 1998 and were the "must-have" toy for a couple of years. 

  • Game Boy '90s Tattoo


    The original Nintendo Game Boy took gaming to a whole new level. Of course now we play games on our cellphones, but back in the '90s, these were a hot commodity. 

  • Barbie Jeep '90s Tattoo


    Just about every little girl in the '90s wanted a Barbie Jeep to ride around in! This vibrant tattoo is reminiscent of the good old days. 

  • CatDog '90s Tattoo


    This popular cartoon was released in 1998. CatDog was a funny show about the conjoined siblings Cat & Dog and all of their crazy schemes. 

  • Spice Girls '90s Tattoo


    This tattoo is for the ultimate Spice Girls fans. It has a platform shoe, a cassette, and the words "Girl Power" written in a leopard print heart. Iconic! 

  • Crimper '90s Tattoo


    Remember when the bigger the hair was the better? Both '80s and '90s babies will get a kick out of this one. This vibrant hair crimper tattoo is super creative and the details are spot-on. 

  • Tamagotchi '90s Tattoo


    And of course some people can't resist getting a Tamagotchi tattoo. The handheld digital pets were all the rage in the '90s and early 2000s. 

  • Sailor Moon '90s Tattoo


    We are loving this bright Sailor Moon hand tattoo. The pretty guardian was a favorite for many little girls when the manga-based Japanese cartoon was released in the US in 1995. 

  • Cynthia '90s Tattoo


    Pretty much every '90s kid watched the Rugrats and some point. Instead of getting one of the main characters, this person got a tattoo of Angelica's beloved doll, Cynthia. 

  • Troll '90s Tattoo


    Little Troll dolls with rainbow-colored hair were said to be good luck. They were originally created in 1959, but they resurfaced as a fad again in the '90s. 

  • Lip Smacker '90s Tattoo


    This Lip Smacker tattoo is too perfect! The flavored lip balms were something everyone carried around in the '90s. 

  • My Little Pony '90s Tattoo


    My Little Pony figurines were another popular toy that many of us likely had multiple of back in the day. Now, there is a whole new animated series for kids to enjoy. 

  • Nostalgic Collage '90s Tattoo


    This tattoo is a combination of all the best parts of the '90s! It has a Spice Girls tape, a Polly Pocket, a Nintendo 64 controller, Pac-Man, a lava lamp, the Barbie logo, and more! The details and pigments in this are insane. 

  • Jigglypuff '90s Tattoo


    In the '90s, many kids collected Pokémon cards and watched the cartoon on TV. Juigglypuff was a popular one because she was just so cute! 

  • Fresh Prince '90s Tattoo


    In 1990, everyone became obsessed with the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. The hit TV show starring Will Smith lasted six seasons and had everything from hip-hop music, to iconic fashion, to family love, to tons of hilarious plots. 

  • Little Foot '90s Tattoo


    The Land Before Time was a movie franchise that began in 1988 and has had a total of 14 films released, with the most recent being in 2016. Little Foot was the most popular dino in the gang and the star of this awesome arm tattoo. 

  • Care Bear '90s Tattoo


    The Care Bares have been around since the '80s and are still popular even today. The illustrations of the bears began as greeting cards and later became a whole line of toys and a TV series. 

  • Polly Pocket '90s Tattoo


    Polly Pockets were a popular line of dolls that were originally released in 1989. The small figurines had tons of tiny clothes and accessories that likely ended up on the floor and drove our parents crazy. 

  • Buttercup '90s Tattoo


    The Powerpuff Girls was another popular animated series that aired on Cartoon Network in 1998 and then was rebooted in 2016. This person got a sassy Buttercup tattoo with some buttercup flowers. 

  • Cassette '90s Tattoo


    Although the kids today may not know about cassette tapes, we sure do! Although CDs were around by the '90s, cassettes didn't completely go out of style until the 2000s. And we love how this tattoos says "HITS 90's" on it. 


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