Keri Russell's Beauty Transformation

Keri Russell

Photo by Jim Smeal/WireImage

courtesy of InStyle

Keri Russell

Photo by Kevin Mazur/WireImage

courtesy of InStyle

Lots of us are talking about big changes for the New Year and one celebrity that got a lot of attention for a big change quite a few years back was Keri Russell when she cut off her super long curly locks.


To the left is Keri back in 1994, before the haircut that rocked Hollywood. The photo at right shows her newest look -- elegant in an updo. This superstar mom -- her son River is 19-months-old -- looks gorgeous.

Though many are loving her hair now, when she first cut those curls, Fans of Felicity were not too happy and the show subsequently suffered. Crazy, right?

Check out Keri Russell's different hairstyles at InStyle magazine. I love her look in 2007! 

Which look do you like best on Keri Russell?

Were you upset when she cut her curly locks?

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