These Adaptive Shoes Are Game-Changers for Kids With Special Needs

Nicole Goodwin Hulbert

adaptive shoes
Nicole Goodwin Hulbert

Able-bodied people unconsciously take a lot for granted. It's likely they don't even think twice about the common ways clothes are designed and worn -- and if they do, they're needs are likely met. But for someone living with disabilities, the structure of something as simple as a shoe can be incredibly challenging. 

  • That's why when Nicole Goodwin Hulbert found these sneakers, which are adaptive and work perfectly for her special needs child, she had to share. 

    Where traditional shoes can be restrictive and challenging to lace up, Billy Footwear shoes offer people a convenient zipper and room for considerations such as braces. 

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  • The idea was born out of necessity after cofounder Billy Price was left paralyzed after an accident. 

    Price was left paralyzed from the chest down and soon discovered that getting dressed was a challenge. And although he got the hang of his routine, one thing he never really became comfortable with were the shoe options available to him. 

  • The coolest part? Billy Footwear shoes retail in both kid AND adult sizes. 

    Children's shoes are $55 a pair and adult shoes average about $75 per pair. Currently the brand is supported and carried by Nordstrom, Zappos, and Kids Foot Locker.

  • A brand that's stylish AND inclusive?

    We're so here for it.